• VegVamp posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, looking like more sun today though it is not as blistering hot as it has been, so very grateful for that and a bit of cloud about too. :good: Got some watering done already and will finish it after an early swim. The local swimming club take a break in the summer so the pool is a not nearly as busy from 7-8am, yea. See there is rain on the forecast for here tonight, but not holding my breath, the ground is like concrete. :confused: Have a good day all and stay cool. :-)

    • Morning Karen. Cooler day here today, too but no rain in the forseeable future :-( Enjoy that quiet swim :-) P.S. Instill can’t get GC on my phone :-(

      • Morning Cilla, not sure there will be that much rain here either Cilla, I live in hope. ;-) Aye, lots of things need sorting on the site, but Duncan is proving a tad tricky to get hold of since young Dylan arrived on the scene. :lol: What are you up to today?

    • Morning Karen :-) yes, it’s definitely like concrete underfoot – it’s a bit like our first summer here 7 years ago. Haven’t watered the parsnips at all and touch wood, they seem to be ok. Great to know you have an emptier swimming pool – much more fun for you :good: Have you got work at the mo?

    • Can just picture you streaking up and down an empty pool with an immense crawl stroke due to physical adaptations to arms caused by watering…..Enjoy today.