• VegVamp posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, and I see Cilla is lurking. :-) Have a good journey and a lovely time petal @Cilla . :good: Got the final load of Caulis blanched and into the freezer yesterday so a bit of space for some more salad stuff to go in. Got the spuds sprayed as well, only to have a shower of rain last night, :-( so that may have to be redone, sigh. Looking like a good day and a bit cooler so much more comfortable. Off to the pool shortly, so have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning again Karen and thank you. I took up a wigwam of past their best peas and sowed carrots and I also dug up a rhubarb and sowed…..more carrots and planted some Webbs Wonderful lettuce……I expect the slugs enjoyed those for supper :lol: I have serious cauli envy, adore cauli cheese :-) Are those peaches nearly ready? Have a peaceful swim and a lovely day :rose:

      • Love my cali too, ;-) Peaches will be a while yet, around mid/late August, but in the middle of a raspberry glut, so I’m not complaining. Thanks petal, am just off now, so safe journey and happy holiday. :rose: :clover:

    • Morning Karen :-) rain? – one lucky clicker! Great news on the caulis! Have a lovely swim and a fab day in total!

    • Morning Karen, I have cauliflower envy, I try every year and I get one or two to about tennis ball size, then it bolts, I’m trying again this year , snowball variety and growing them under enviromesh, to protect them from everything :excruciating: so staying positive. Everything else in the brassica family apart from cauliflower and sprouts does well here :confused:
      Enjoy your day :clover:

      • Morning Lynn, the only trick with cauli is good rich soil and loads of water – and I really mean LOADS of water – even here in a wet year I give them extra. ;-)