• VegVamp posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, much cooler and very cloudy this morning with a few spits of rain. A few days of cooler will be quite welcome but heat again towards the end of the week. Need to get the spuds sprayed again if it stays dry for long enough. Off to the dentist later this morning and then some work, so :fingers-crossed: for a dry afternoon. Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning petal. Gòod luck with the dreaded dentist :-( I’m sure the afternoon will be perfect for playing in the garden ;-) I rooted some watercress from a packet of supermarket stuff and planted those yesterday. I ned to sow more lettuce but can’t find the space……I could if I pulled up one of the 4 courgette plants :lol:

      • Morning Cills, it’s not looking great for a few days here, pretty damp and miserable. :bad: But at least sleeping is much easier. ;-) You’d hardly miss one less courgette plant. :lol:

    • Morning Karen :-) god luck at the dentist :-) we’ve got warm but dismal weather at the mo – very dampish. Nothing planned as yet – want to get to Sunday to go away for a few days and can’t settle to anything in the meantime. Silly but true ;-) The sweetcorn has wet male and female flowers – the germination is a waiting game! Have a good day :-)

      • Morning Jane, hopefully he’ll be able to do something. :good: Oooooh, where are you off to then? I’m the same, can’t settle if I’m going away. ;-) I’m sure the corn will get there. :good: