• VegVamp posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, seem to have been faffing about for hours this morning, should have come on here earlier, but got waylaid by setting up a new laptop for this mornings client. Didn’t take that long, but was just looking at what all was on it. :lol: Got the accounts left with the accountant yesterday, so hopefully that’s all ok. Work today but may get an hour or two to myself later. :good: Have a good day all. :-)

    • I hope your day goes well Karen, your work is appreciated more than you realise .. my hard disc has had to be sent away…Dom can’t sort it. It has all my grandchildren, friends’ pics, and ted tales on it … If I lose them I can’t imagine ….. Hope the person dealing with it is as good as you are :good: HAGD :love: :rose:

    • Good morning Karen and Anne – have just finished a marathon ironing, and that’s me covered in glory for the rest of the month….You remind me of when I used to do the VAT accounts for my husband’s business – and hiding stuff in my sister’s freezer before a visit from the VAT inspector. (Hope nobody on here works / worked for the revenue).
      Anne, I shuddered when I read your bit about that precious hard disc – so much that is irreplaceable. Hoping for the best outcome with it, I can imagine what it means.

      • Hiding stuff in a freezer? :lol: :lol: That’s priceless Sheila. I’m one of those strange people that love working with figures, and keep them all on spreadsheets, so don’t mind doing it. It also makes it easier for the accountant (and a lot cheaper for us!). Heaven forfend giving it to A to do, it would either never get done or would be a complete mess. ;-)