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    It’s been a hard day in Omagh so please forgive me for posting this. If you watch it you will need tissues, lots of them, but it is done as a tribute to my little town and all of her people.

    • A horrendous, tragic day for your town Karen and no excuse needed for playing this moving tribute. :love: :rose:

    • :love: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

    • Wow this is so powerful and as with both the world wars and all the others too, we should never forget.

      • 20th anniversary service today Lynn & I think it will be the last “official” one. It becomes a media circus and that is not what we want. Most just want to quietly remember. But this tribute, made at the time from footage shot by local people and put together by the Northern Ireland BBC news team I’ve always thought was very moving.

    • Have just seen this, Karen – it’s literally heartbreaking. I do not think the people of Omagh will ever forget this day, even if the “official” memorial service is ended.

      • No, can’t see it will ever be forgotten Sheila but most of us are glad that there will be no more “official” services. They were always taken over by the media and people being interviewed. A lot of us pay our respects quietly before or after for that reason. We can now reclaim it peacefully and gently. I took flowers to the memorial gardens this morning, there were a number of local people there, even at 8.30. :rose:

      • Meant to say I still can’t listen to Webber’s Pie Jesu without tears.

    • Was thinking about you yesterday, Karen, when I read there would be bells tolling for Omagh :rose:

      • Thank you Jane, thought that the 32 tolls was a nice touch, for the 29 who died and then 2 for the unborn twins and a last one for all victims. :rose: