• VegVamp posted an update 9 months ago

    A rather late good morning all, OH late back from Dublin last night so have been frantically getting washing done as he’ll be off again early Monday. Thank goodness the sun is out after yesterdays downpours as we are off to the Crom Estate at lunch time to watch the Lough Erne Hertitage Regatta. Rowing races in the traditional cots that they have been rebuilding. I know some of you watched the programme with Fred and George building them so it will be lovely to watch them racing. Yip, will try and get some pics :lol: You would love the way they handle wood Al, especially George, like you, he’s a real craftsman. :good: @ronvalley Laters all, enjoy your day. :-)

    • Put them pics up K, Its one thing i have always wanted to build,but never got around to it. :good:

      • I’ll try and find some of the boat building that Fred & George did Al, you’ll find that more interesting. ;-)

    • Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend Karen :clover: :rose: