• VegVamp posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, now where’s that Cilla one this morning? :lol: @Cilla Turned pretty wet and miserable yesterday, but hoping for better today – eternal optimist. ;-) I now have an avalanche of tomatoes, all the beef ones are ripening together so may be visiting a few neighbours today. :lol: Off to the pool shortly so have a good day all. :-) And welcome back Anne @Gertie – take it easy! :rose:

    • How dare Cilla have a lie-in, Karen – she always complains when nobody is around to respond to her early morning calls :lol: Good morning to you :-) The forecaster said you have a bright start to the day – good for tomato picking ;-) Have a good swim :-)

      • And good morning to you girls……lie in, what is a lie in :lol: I’ve been busy feeding cats and birds but back in bed with mug of tea now :good: I’ll have a few of those toms, please Karen, I just need a few more to make more soup ;-) Enjoy that swim :-)

        • How many pounds would you like Cilla, :confused: I’d love to give you some. :-) Just off now so will catch up later. Have a good day. :rose:

      • Morning Jane. Damn cheeky of Cilla :lol: Nooooooo, don’t mention tomato picking :lol: aye, it is looking much brighter that goodness. Enjoy your day.