• VegVamp posted an update 6 months ago

    Morning Clickers, OH left about ½ hour ago and we have frost! Yikes. :confused: Still have pumpkins and squash out as well, lots of bad words said. :lol: A busy weekend, more heritage cot racing on Saturday down at lough Erne, then went on down to Belcoo & Blacklion for a wander about as it was such a nice day. Sadly it then hissed down most of yesterday, which was not forecast. :bad: See Cilla is off gallivanting again to Cumbria tomorrow, @Cilla – enjoy yourself honey. :good: I’ll be off to the pool later, have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) yikes – frost!! You’re probably harvesting your squashes as I type :lol: Glad you had a good weekend. Been ok here with just the odd shower. Today is supposed to be sunny :fingers-crossed: I’ve got work in – an existing client – much to my surprise, so that’ll keep me busy today ;-) Enjoy your swim – have a good day :-)

      • Morning Jane, aye, a tad surprised about the frost. It is nice and clear, now that I can see, so should be a good day. Work :bad: but :good: on your sun. Have a good day, once the work is sorted. ;-)

        • Morning girls :-) Frost :-( but it is a trifle cool here, too. I’m sure your squashes will be fine and glad you have sunshine to play out in. Your saturday sounds fun but sunday :bad: Enjoy today pfetal.

    • I shall look that up Karen :lol: :confused: :clover: :rose: