• VegVamp posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, a dull damp looking morning which will mostly be spent waiting for the delivery of a new mattress. They are supposed to phone before 9 to give me a 4hr slot; you can drive from one side of Northern Ireland to the other and back again in 4 hours, go figure, deep sigh. :disappointed: On the up side in anticipation of the new mattress I cleaned that bedroom from top to bottom & did the rest for good measure yesterday. :-) Have a good day all. :-)

    • Good morning petal. I am impressed by your day of being a domestic goddess…..I hope you’ve got that out of your system now and can collapse on the new mattress when it arrives :lol: You can write your cards while waiting for it ;-)

    • Morning Karen :-) that’s your bedroom spring cleaning done then :lol: We all hate having to wait in for deliveries – hope it’s early rather than late… You can get through a lorra lorra coffee in 4 hours!! Good luck!

    • Morning Karen, your delivery shenanigans did make me smile well giggle, can only assume they are delivering new mattresses all over your area!! If that’s the case perhaps they will be able to afford a nother van and get things delivered in 2 hrs :lol: I hope it arrives soon. Just think no spring cleaning in spring, just lots of garden time, always a silver lining :good:

      • Morning Lynn, my “Spring” cleaning is always done in December, for exactly the reason you said. :lol: The mattress has arrived, thankfully delivered by two very pleasant, helpful & strong young men who also hoiked it upstairs – it’s a ton weight! :lol: