• VegVamp posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Good Morning Clickers, looks a tad damp out though it’s hard to tell just yet. ;-) Clean and sparkly front rooms after yesterday and one tree up – after much messing about. :lol: So decorating will commence later. Off to the pool this morning and then a little work to sort, so that will keep me out of mischief. Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) sounds like a job well done yesterday and you’ll enjoy decorating the :fairysaysouch: later :good: Hope the work isn’t too onerous – enjoy your swim and have a great day :-)

      • Morning Jane, think there might be a :drink: to help the decorating along. :lol: Have a good day yourself. :rose:

        • Morning Karen and Jane. I like the sound of sparkling rooms, that’s the cleaning done for another year then ;-) Enjoy your swim and tree decorating.. :-)

    • I’m enjoying all your Christmas trees vicariously, because I haven’t bothered. The parents of the wee one have got theirs up and decorated in a very adult manner, all silver and white and sparkly, and the wee one is not very interested. Think he needs to be involved in making not very good paper chains for an unevenly decorated tree to feel the magic. Have a smashing day, the three of you.

      • Afters Sheila, mine will be a glorious colour mess of old decorations from both our parents, things given to us by friends and Andy’s kids when they were little, chocolates so that all callers get one when leaving the house and it will be full of memories. My SiL will give off again that is not “chic” enough and I don’t care. :lol: :lol: