• VegVamp posted an update 8 months ago

    Morning Clickers, blimey tis like the Marie Celeste in here today! :confused: Appalling weather this morning chucking it down and loads of hooligans. :-( Late night last night as we were at a concert in the town, The Lost Brothers, wonderful close harmony, thoroughly enjoyed it. Have a good day all. :rose:

    • Morning Karen, yes plenty of hooligans with a cold easterly attached!!! Brrrrrr. Won’t be going far today, 1st tree &lounge almost done :good:
      Have you heard from Shelia, she’s not clicked or logged on for several days?? I do hope she’s ok and it’s nothing more serious :-(

      Great music, I’m listening whilst clicking :good:

      • Same here K,,,,,Morning Karen Lynn, :rose:

      • Afters Lynn, well done on the :fairysaysouch: :good: It’s brutal here; I’m just in as I needed to get fresh flowers to make up wreathes and am like a drowned rat! There are rivers running down the roads too. :confused: Stay in the warm. ;-)

    • Survive the day and have a good one Karen :good: :clover: :rose: