• VegVamp posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, the OH’s great car hunt continues – and now we have a job hunt added to the mix, I’m going to run away. :confused: :lol: Couple of pumpkins were looking a bit dodgy yesterday so spent the day making soup and freezing it, thankfully the veg has reduced slightly so there was room to shoehorn more soup in. :good: Off to the pool shortly and hoping to get into garden later to sort the raspberry canes. Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen. Deep joy in your household then…..not ;-) :lol: The pool and garden sound like good escape routes……and hide your car keys :lol:

      • Morning Cills, car keys are kept in my pocket. :lol: I’ve just a wee bit of work in so will escape out again this morning as well. Yippee. :cowboy:

    • Morning Karen, you have my deepest sympathies, I’m being serious, we have continuous conversations on the highway code, theory tests and calorie counting :confused: :excruciating: :excruciating: I’m so glad Pilates has started again and friend suggested a coffee, yes yes &yes, don’t care if there’s no cake even. Enjoy your pool time, perhaps some extra lengths ,slinger saunaor shower??? :giggle: :clover:

    • Morning Karen :-) you’ll be looking forward to your break this week – when is it? Have a debate-free day :lol:

      • Afters Jane, have despatched him off to look at another car and check out car insurance – on his own. ;-) I’m having a coffee in blissful silence. :lol: We’re off on Thursday, which I’m really looking forward to. :good: Missed you this morning, you ok?

        • Hi Karen :-) fine here – the last bit of the work (due today!) came in so I was doing it as soon as I got up. By the time I got on here, you’d all gone out ;-) Good for you re OH :good: Fab to have an end of week treat :rose:

          • Ah yes, I saw yesterday you had some work in and a wee bit to come, your lecture about time management must have worked. ;-) Only away for 2 nights but it will be lovely. It’s my treat as it’s his big 60th, but don’t tell anyone. :lol:

            • Congratulations to OH on his 60th,enjoy your few days away.
              I will keep quiet, I have one of those in March :excruciating: .

            • Mine came and went a few years ago Lynn. ;-) Knew I could depend on you all to keep a secret. :lol:

            • You did keep that quiet,as I’m sure we must have all known you on here???!! :lol:

            • Aye, you did, but for some reason it was one I really wasn’t looking forward to – I’ve since got over myself. :lol: I sent you an email honey, did you get it?

            • Hi Karen, I know what you mean, I’m still trying to get my head around it!!!
              Yes I did, it was just before I left for work. Thankyou , shall re-read :good: