• VegVamp posted an update 7 months ago

    Morning Clickers, OH has just headed off to Dublin for a meeting with a firm who may be looking for someone to project manage for them. Not an interview, but could be a useful contact. :fingers-crossed: My cold is progressing well and nearly gone, but has left me with a horrible cough, so need it to naff orf. ;-) Haven’t the energy to swim so may have a faffing about me day. ;-) Have a good day all. :-)

    • Hi Karen :-) fingers crossed for OH and his networking then :good: Good idea to have a faffing day as a swim would knacker you, I expect. Give yourself lots of tlc – hope the coffee is on :rose:

      • Coffee is back on. ;-)

        • Morning…They say if you rest you recover quicker??? :rose:

          • Just discovered a leak in the hot press Sue, so not likely to get any rest today. :confused: :-(

          • Good luck with the cold-naff-off Karen, :clover:
            and Allan, thanks for the extra advice on spuds … am putting it all in my head, in the hopes that I can get it out when it’s needed and of course I keep written copies too ;-) :good: :rose:

        • Morning each and all, Putting my tub of spuds in today,The real early ones beat all the rest, Not bought ones ,but nice scab free ones that have started growing.

          • Morning Al, ooooh, nice one on the spuds. :good: Do you keep them well covered?

            • Yes K got a blue barrel cut in half,will plant them in the bottom with a foot of compost over them, I have a pane of glass to go over the top ,Asthe spuds break the surface ,I will add more compost, By April they will have reached the top and the glass can be removed.

          • Sounds ideal Al. :good: