• VegVamp posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Morning clickers, another gorgeous day in paradise. ;-) Some sowing to do today and the pumpkins and squash are going out to their final places in the garden as well. Then need to get to grips with setting the watering timer in the greenhouse, as I can’t remember how it works. :confused: Have opened up the greenhouse already, so it’s going to be hot. :cool: Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen, another lovey day here too :notacloudinsight: . My squash are still in the greenhouse, I shall pot them on and put them in the hardening off tunnel as the planting area is ready, what about the sweetcorn they are about 10in tall, shall I harden them off yet? I would have more room then, still have some cosmos & brassicas to pot on , I was going to direct sow but had so much trouble with whitefly, hence the micromesh over the tunnel, still didn’t stop them, so thought if I got them so big then transplanted them into the tunnel, with the micromesh , I might just have a edge on the battle :good: i have also relocated the tunnel to another area.
      Any way enjoy your day and coffee on your bench :clover: :rose:

      • Morning Lynn, isn’t it great. :cool: I’d definitely start harding off the sweetcorn, as long as your night temps aren’t going to be too low. I used to warm the soil up in their final planting area too, by covering with black weed suppressant fabric or cloches. They hate being planted into cold soil, but it would be colder for longer here in NI than where you are. Good job on the white fly battle. :good: Another thing to try inside the greenhouse is companion planting with French marigolds. I plant them with my tomatoes and they really do help with whitefly. :good: I’m just off out so will catch up later, enjoy your garden day. :-)

        • Thanks for that tip with the marigolds Karen, I shall buy a few trays from the market and plant them in the tunnel before the brassicas :good: :good:

    • Hi Karen … have a lovely day in Paradise :lol: :clover: :rose: