• VegVamp posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Morning Clickers, ok, had enough now, would someone please turn the tap off. ;-) Good job there is great tennis to watch. :lol: Eeeek, cat has just brought in a wee wren………………………… Rescue successful with only a few damp feathers. :good: Right pool time and then I’d really like an hour or two in the garden. :fingers-crossed: Have a good day all. :-)

    • Hi Karen :-) A badge of honour for you for rescuing the wren and hopefully it comes in the form of :notacloudinsight: Have a good day – hope you can play outside :-)

      • Morning petal. Naughty moglet but well done you :good: I’m sending you some sunshine but it is quite a journey so may take awhile. Enjoy your swim. :-)

        • Twas the tortie moglet (love that), wouldn’t you know. ;-) Thank you sweetie, sun is starting to appear, Yippee :dance:

    • Morning Karen, my click dispeared. I did offer to send you some of my sunshine. We have had rain forecast but it hasn’t materialised, so I will be watering tonight!!!
      Well done on the wren rescue, they are such delicate little birds.
      Enjoy your swim and hopefully it will have dried when you finish.enjoy your day :clover: :clover: :coffee:

      • Morning Lynn, seem to keep missing you recently. :disappointed: Between you & Cilla the sun is making little appearances, so thank you. They might be delicate, but this was a feisty wee monster, and gave my hand a good pecking when I picked him/her up. :lol: I’ll try and send you some rain – during the night of course. ;-) Have a good day. :rose:

        • Thankyou👍
          We’ve noticed that the doves, we have a pair nesting close by and visit the bird table every morning, they will tend of the pigeons &jackdaws, even seen one have a go at a magpie.
          Hope the hand survived!! 💐