• VegVamp posted an update 1 month ago

    Morning clickers, just a brief hello as our internet is playing up again this morning so :fingers-crossed: this posts – it a 3rd attempt. :lol: Swim, shop, garden today – in that order. ;-) Have a good day all. :-)

    • cilla replied 1 month ago

      Morning Karen……..and don’t forget your friday takeaway and :drink: as a reward :-)

      • Afters Cilla, the first two are done, but it is now tipping down so I’m trying to avoid the ironing pile. Having another coffee while I think about it. :lol:

      • Ooops meant to add, it might be an Indian tonight, our wee Chinese is closed at the minute. ;-)

    • Morning Karen :-) you’ve gone already! Have a good day :rose:

      • Afters Jane, it wasn’t through choice. ;-) Internet back on now and seems to be at least stable, but even slower than normal – if that is possible. :confused:

        • Hi Karen – what a pain for you :bad: Can’t cope with messed up internet :-( We’ve had a little rain but it’s really still thinking about it.

        • Can’t possibly be as slow as mine :excruciating: so I empathise and wish you joy with it Karen :clover: :love: :rose:

          • Yes it can Anne, we have about 1.4 mbps, not 14, 1.4 :disappointed:

            • That’s on a good day, down hill, with a following wind. ;-)

            • Mmm, :-) Dom says that’s about the same as us here at the moment :-( Karen … sure feels it. Nightnight :clover: :rose: