• VegVamp posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Morning Clickers, another monster pea and Bean harvest yesterday. :good: Kept me busy indoors once the rain started. ;-) Looking better this morning – at least for now, but more rain due later. Swim and then not sure what today will bring. Have a good day all. :-)
    • Oh, very nice, Karen :good: Which peas are they? And good morning!

    • Morning Jane, a mixture of Alderman & Hurst Green Shaft.

    • Wow Karen. I just can’t grow decent peas and the few I did manage I ate off the plant :lol: I was only thinking yesterday that everything I grew in Ireland flourished and the same in Herefordshire but I did have much bigger veggie beds. Have a lovely day whatever you do. :-)

    • Very nice Karen Alderman my favourite peas. My broad beans were a bit iffy, yours look great

    • Love my peas and beans Cilla, but a lot away get eaten between the garden and the kitchen. :lol:

    • Thanks Tony, the beans did well – despite the bees going in the back of them. ;-) First time I’ve tried Alderman after you and Al talked about them. I’m impressed with them and they are a great flavour, so I’ll grow them again but I’ll grow my Hurst Green Shaft as well, they always do really well for me. :good:

    • Looking good Karen, I grew alderman too, after it was mentioned a few times, I was also pleased with them, they tasted great with some mint when I steamed them with the new potatoes. I didn’t grow enough, so shall double the poles and plants next year. I’ve just planted a second lot of plants don’t know if they will come to much though? I do love eating all the fresh crops , all my tomatoes are now fruiting, red,black&yellow cherry types, yummy :good: