• VegVamp posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Morning Clickers, turned quite wet yesterday, so that curtailed playtime. :-( It’s looking promising at the minute but we’ll see later. More onions need lifting, so that will be first on the list. Off out shortly so will catch up later. Have a good day all. :good:

    • Morning Karen. That’s a shame, I hope today is brighter. It stayed dry here. Enjoy your swim before venturing back into the onion mines :lol:

      • Morning Cilla, it’s bright but a lot cooler overnight, so I’m hoping the blight risk has reduced as well. :good: How’s the hip and knee today? :rose:

        • Morning again Karen. When I get up out of bed or a chair it is stiff but not too bad thank you. I shall keep doing the exercises and hobbling around ;-)

    • Morning Karen & Cilla, lifted my onions on Friday, before the rain!! I haven’t had a blight warning for a couple of days Karen, so that’s good news, just a couple more weeks, then they can all come up :good:
      I hope your weather holds, our has calmed down after the weekend, lots of fallen apples,but the plums stayed on, plum picking is on the list too. Hagd 🍀🍀

      • Morning Lynn, ooooh, plums, yum, you lucky girl. :good: We had about 10 blight warnings on the trot, so I really thought it would have struck by now, but :fingers-crossed: the cooler nights will ease the risk. I’ve just come in for a coffee as I was getting rained on! Think it will clear shortly though. Enjoy your plumy day. :cool:

    • Hi Karen :-) Glad to hear you’re spuds are still behaving :good:

      • Well hello Jane, good to see you back, we’ve missed you. Hope you had a lovely time, any success with the drones?