• VegVamp posted an update 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, it’s hissing down this morning after a, mostly, dry, sunny day yesterday. Spent most of it in the garden which was wonderful. :dance: Not a mission of getting out today by the look of things and there is ironing skulking. :-( Need to get the shopping done but will fit in a swim first. ;-) Stay dry and have a good day all. :-)

    • cilla replied 1 week ago

      Morning again petal. No shopping until monday but I could get the washing done, thanks for the reminder ;-) Enjoy the swim :-)

    • Morning Karen & Cilla, dry here yesterday, rain forecast from lunchtime, so were off to the cinema, ‘angry birds two’, then pizza.
      How did your trip to Karen? Didn’t catch up with clicks as those Gremlins were playing up yesterday!!! Enjoy the ironing not!!! I have a pile sulking in the bedroom too.
      Catch up later, HAGD 💐🌻🍀

      • Sadly not one of her better days Lynn, but at least it’s a bit of support & company for the younger aunt. :rose:

        • Oh dear, I think it’s so good of you to go on such a regular basis to visit.🍀🍀

          • Winnie was the black sheep of the family Lynn, and my Ma always said I was so like her, especially when I misbehaved, :lol: Of Mum’s 5 sisters I’ve always been really close to her, she was a true rebel. :love:

    • Morning Karen, Cilla and Lynn :-) Goodness, everyone is up and about early this morning :lol: Sorry to hear it’s raining AGAIN :-( I was expecting it but it’s not here yet. If the ironing’s skulking, it’s hiding – don’t try too hard to find it ;-) Enjoy the swim at any rate :rose:

      • gertie replied 1 week ago

        Good morning Jane … not I :lol: … I dragged my weary bones out of bed at nine o’clock :shout: when they protested too much to stay!
        Have spent the past hour mugging up on Blackberries and ‘how-to’ in various ways!! Seems I’m doing it right, but there’s always more to learn ennit!
        Like you, no rain yet and skulking ironing :-( :bad: .
        Good luck with the late arrival and enjoy your day :good: :rose:

      • Couldn’t find it at all Jane, so it’s still skulking. :lol: