• VegVamp posted an update 6 days, 6 hours ago

    Morning Clickers, deeply yucky, wet, grey day here :disappointed: and am watching the news, which is just depressing me further. :-( May have to treat myself to some jacuzzi time after my swim to cheer myself up. ;-) Any excuse. :lol: Still haven’t got the tomato glut dealt with, so that might be on the cards today. :good: Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen. I’ll let you know when next door comes up for sale ;-) :notacloudinsight: The whole world has gone mad including the weather so garden, eating and drinking is the only antidote :lol: Sauces and soups for you today, then, but I envy you the jacuzzi, have fun and I hope the rain stops SOON!

      • Morning Cilla, maybe we should all emigrate to somewhere warm – and DRY. :cool: Of course then we’d all be whinging about having to water. :lol: Enjoy your day petal. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) :bad: on your weather – remains of Dorian, I think and we know who had it last! Have a lovely jacuzzi – hope you have it to yourself! I’ve still got loads of cherry toms but the plums are only just thinking about ripening :confused: Have a lovely day :-)

      • Morning Jane, something else to thank the US for then. ;-) Had a lovely relaxing jacuzzi thank you. My beef toms have taken there time too, only just coming well now – in September! :confused: Enjoy your day as well. :-)

    • Good morning again Karen :high-five:
      Still have tomatoes ripening but am gradually getting to the last of the Blackberries and cutting back the vines which are growing like mad!
      Garden and house are in a state of flux as the Window-man goes around doing the windows and is set to do the walls as well from next week! I have to move plants away from the wall to allow him access and there are bags of garden rubbish piling up too, which will need to go to the Tip soonish! Lots to do … good ennit :lol:
      HAGD :clover: :rose:

      • That sounds like quite a project, Anne!

      • Blimey Anne, what on earth are you having done, new windows?

        • No no Karen :lol: they are being repainted. This guy is good :good: rubbing down, undercoat, and top coat or coats … not sure how many … then the walls , which are vast!! he’ll do top half, then bottom half … then there are the windows on the other side which have to be reached from downstairs’ garden … lots to do, but all straightforward … I just have to gauge where and when to move around pots and plants for ladder access :lol: and of course provide lots of milky coffee ;-) :clover: :rose:

          • Ah now I understand,💡 that’s a big job Anne, hope it all goes as easily as possible. :rose:

            • :good: Thanks Karen :-) So far , so good. Dave is a nice guy and so far we have all got along well … he works from [almost] Dawn to Dusk on a preference of regular milky coffees [ and his odd, sneaky cigarette in the Arbour!!] have offered biscuits etc but it’s the way he seems to prefer it :dunno: :clover: :rose: