• VegVamp posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Lord love a duck it is BALTIC out there, and it’s still howling. :confused: Got my car up to the mechanic early as more snow is due, and I certainly don’t want to be going up at 0730 in the morning! OH and I did a check of the roof earlier as we had heard a bit of a thump last night. :confused: A lump of cement from round one of the chimney pots had broken loose and slithered down to the gutting, the chimney pot is badly cracked too, but nothing can be done for now. Far too dangerous for anyone to go near it in this wind. Hopefully it will be fine for now; luckily it is the boiler chimney, so it will dry quickly even if some damp does get in. Hope everyone is safe and reasonably damage free. :good:

    • Morning K. I hope you don’t get the snow. A beggar about your chimney so hope you can get that repaired soon. Our flat roof sprung a couple more leaks in sunday’s storm :-( I hope you have a better day today. Stay warm :-)

      • Morning again Cilla, yip, more snow, but not too much thankfully. Can’t get anyone till after the weekend, so :fingers-crossed: it will survive Dennis. :confused: Flat roofs are a beggar, had one on the garage of a previous house and eventually had to get it redone with that special heavy rubber (butyl, I think it was called), expensive, but a great job. :good: