• VegVamp posted an update 9 months ago

    Morning Clickers, rain stopped play outside most of yesterday pm, though did manage another short time outside, while dodging showers in the greenhouse, getting the toms and cukes re-tied and sorted out. Today has dawned bright with sun! Very nice to see it. An early shop as soon as Asda opens and then I’ll be straight back out to finish the leek planting. :good: Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen. What is this thing called sun? :confused: :lol: Lucky you, have a lovely leeky time after filling your trolley with lots of goodies……..”you know you’re worth it ;-)
        • Morning Cilla, I did wonder what the large yellow thing in the sky was. :lol: A better couple of days ahead is very welcome. :good:
        • Morning K :-) an early shop is the best thing just now to avoid the multitudes! Tesco here has had a bit of bad press as two members of staff tested positive and they didn’t have the others tested. :cowboy: What happened to test and track too? :confused: Have fun with the leeks, I should’ve sown some of those for B&G, maybe not too late? :fingers-crossed:
            • Good morning petal, aye, first thing shop is the only way at the minute. :good: That was so stupid of Tesco! We are fairly lucky as the number of cases here has remained very low, :fingers-crossed: it stays that way. Definitely shove some leek seed in, it’s a bit late, but they might be fine in the “soft” south. ;-) And baby leeks are yummy. :-)
              • You can probably still get leek plants at a gc.
              • Morning Karen :-) Of course I don’t begrudge you the sun and time in the garden, but… :lol: You’ll be at Asda now but I’ll have the coffee on for when you get back :coffee: Have a great day :-)