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    ronvalley - " "View
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    mick1970 - "Good evening hows all not been up to much today couldnt be bothered. Back to work tomorrow looks like a warm muggy day forecasted"View
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    gertie - "A rich sunset tonight … Nightnight All: it’ll be down to the cool of the cellar if it gets too hot tomorrow…Phew! :rose: "View
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    Yewbarrow - "Well,folks, it is a bit late , bedtime really, but just to say move day is Friday 26th, at last we all cry, its been quite a roller coaster and I know we have not yet got the keys to our bungalow but we are […]"View
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    charlie13 - "storm on the way. batten down the hatches. :bad: "View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "What rubbish day it has been on the golf course :bad: :bad: Played the worst game ever. Came 5th out of 10 people with hubby coming first."View
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    stuart - "Suns a shining :-) "View
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    NorthernTeacher - "Afternoon clickers :-) Seems like the common darters are all on the wing today! Too windy for pics really – this is just one of the three on the lavender. Far too hot for me outside, despite the wind. Need to […]"View
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    johnmichael - "Good morning all,some path weeding this morning then walk to newsagents (about half a mile in total).have a very painful heel spur so it looks like a taxi to pub quiz tonight,i usually walk the 5 miles but no […]"View
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    seasider - "Not a bad day here today (for November) a North Easterly blowing and raining on and off all day, went for a walk and got a bit wet but I was fed up of being indoors. My lettuce appears to be liking the weather. […]"View
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    cilla - "Morning clickers. Sainsburys first thing, salad to make and nothing else on the list! :-) "View
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    dandlyon - "Thinking ahead to show time today"View
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    spatham60 - "Going up to the Royal Welsh tomorrow/today…cant sleep tonight… taking one of Granddaughters up as she is competing later in the day… Feel a bit guilty going as is also the oldest Grandsons birthday, and we […]"View
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    dixon - "Food and drink festival Skipton. Mary B tomorrow. Nice food from all over the world. :silly: "View
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    Jenn - "Evening clickers. Not much done today as I had a hairdressers appointment slap bang in the middle of the day. Finn is off to Alton Towers tomorrow with the school and he has to meet at school at 6.30am…so I am […]"View
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    Hayleyagora - "Good evening all :rose: All sorts of stuff going on here, involving house selling and buying, which is why I haven’t clicked! Wow! Good to see Tony’s 12mm a day onions, inspirational. ;-) Here’s a recent photo I […]"View
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    Ambersparkle - "Morning all, well, the same old Weather, despite being promised ‘a good Weekend’, wonder what that is? Waiting for Daughter to come up, and Shower me, as cannot manage myself, now. Then have Groceries coming, and […]"View
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    Muddyhands - "Morning all beautiful here….. working in the cutting garden…. weeding, planting and leaving the owner to cut flowers for the house…. just pleased she’s loving it."View
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    Star - "The big day has been and gone. I now need a months rest…….lol They say you are lucky if it rains on your Wedding Day……….Boy are these two going to be lucky!!!!! It was cloudy but fine up until 10am which […]"View
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