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    seasider - "I have been emptying the summer bedding pots and saving the geraniums to the greenhouse I didn`t realise how many I had planted. Some have grown massive I am thinking now I will have a go at taking some cuttings […]"View
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    dandlyon - "Fittings are not expensive and easy to join together"View
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    mick1970 - "Good evening how’s all really busy. Chelsea has had my tablet she smashed her iPad so don’t get a go.I am sick of the next holiday date already is it me or has it been going on for months. Am having 2 days off"View
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    gertie - "Good morning Peops on this doubly festive morning, well trebly really , as I know of three Peops who made it a lovely day by being born on December 14th HAGD All :walt: :love: :clover: :rose: "View
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    flowerpotlynn - "Afternoon all, shopping this morning, it was a tad chilly 2d, it’s stayed cold and grey all morning and the afternoon looks no different :mad: Picked up my final present today and am down the the last five cards […]"View
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    charlie13 - "what a change in the weather. feels like winter today. :bad: "View
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    cilla - "Good morning clickers. We had a lively coffee morning yesterday, lots of people and delicious cakes….millionaire shortbread for me ;-) A lovely lady from the village has invited me for a cuppa and gossip this […]"View
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    wind67 - "More shops should have stuff like this. In a Photography shop window………."View
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    ronvalley - "Saw this on FB thought it was good. Mother wrench feeding her chicks."View
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    dixon - "Morning gang, snow on its way, :dunno: have a good week end folks. :-) "View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "Been another sad day for me, Sold my fish tank and the last 2 fishes went with the tank. I took the tank over for the girl and set it up for and left the fish looking happy. But I was in tears leaving them. That’s […]"View
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    Jenn - "Morning clickers from frosty Essex. It was quite a light one though, nothing like last year…yet ;-) :excruciating: I have inevitably caught the boys lurgy – sore throat, sneezing, headache, earache but am […]"View
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    shedsue - "Afternoon gardeners..At work till 5 and have taken tomorrow off so I have a long weekend…I need to get to the GC for some compost to plant my tulip bulbs..I always plant in December as carol says its best."View
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    roly - "Hi all had a day of today doing jobs outside went out for a pre-Christmas lunch at a local pub had turkey and all trimmings followed by Christmas pud beautiful come home and had a relaxing afternoon back to […]"View
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    NorthernTeacher - "Morning clickers :-) off to the south west corner today – not good weather down there but not to worry! Back in a few days. Enjoy the rest of the week :-) "View
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    Beanstew - "If I haven’t been about much it’s because I am most comfortable lying down. Being erect seems to allow the weight of my arm to make it all worse, and I may make myself a sling to see if that helps.The pills […]"View
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    karenp - "afternoon all, cough cough achoo :confused: yep got a cold but hopefully ok for christmas now, kindle still not repaired, shop local to us cant get hold of the screen so will have to try elsewhere now :dunno: […]"View
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    Duncan - "Have made a few changes that might hopefully help those that have been having trouble adding pics in the forum. Please give it a try if you were and let me know your findings."View
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    Yewbarrow - "well, rain all day yesterday and in the night, fields have water laying on them, could we have some sun and a bit of wind to dry things up please – enjoy your day wherever you are, big supermarket shop for me […]"View
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