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    mick1970 - "Good morning how’s all. A little snow arrived nothing planned feed the birds stood watching them keep warm"View
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    ronvalley - "Yes Happy birthday Sheila Haveagoodun, :good: Sorry morning all. ;-) "View
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    gertie - "Good morning Peops :high-five: Am coming out of hibernation slowly, to see what you ae all up to. I hope all the peops with colds and flu are getting better QUICKLY! We have had :notacloudinsight: here all […]"View
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    Jenn - "Good morning clickers. Sunny and relatively mild here but windy and set for gales later, through the night and tomorrow. Chickened out of any gardening yesterday – was coughing and could not get warm (had […]"View
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    Ambersparkle - "Morning all, and a very happy Birthday, Sheila x :rose: :rose: :rose: :cake: It is awful here both snowing and melting at the same time, and a very cold. Not fit to do much, so will sit at my Work […]"View
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    Beanstew - "It’s a great day to be inside, and my heart bleeds for any homeless person unable to find shelter last night. Was awakened during the night not only by high winds but also by thunder – and I can see we have had […]"View
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    NorthernTeacher - "Morning clickers :-) no snow – I think we’re at the edge of it – at least, I hope so! Take care if you’re unlucky and have the white stuff. Another reading day for me and a bit of learning on Future Learn. Have a […]"View
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    cilla - "Time to get up but I se Mick and Jenn lurking and I keep missing you both. Hope the family is improving Mick, I expect you have themwhite stuff :-( It probably hasn’t reached you Jenn. Stay warm and safe. :-) "View
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    dandlyon - "Good morning clickers and a special good morning and Happy Birthday Shelia. With the very cold weather over the last few days theres no gardening activity. Have been catching up on jobs around the house."View
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    charlie13 - "merry christmas everyone. hope you have a wonderful day :good: "View
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    flowerpotlynn - "Morning all, there’s this big shiny thing in the sky, giving of brightness and causing me to turn lights off and feel events so optimistic& uplifted even :giggle: we have :notacloudinsight: yippie, the bed linen […]"View
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    Yewbarrow - "morning each, the sun has almost got its hat on – bit grey inbetween though, might get outside shortly and get the last bits of rampant geraniums under control, or I might just have another look at the paper – […]"View
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    spatham60 - "Hope you all had a good Christmas….I was back in work today, had another Christmas dinner already prepared… Yesterday was spent at my oldest Daughters and her 4 boys…. Busy day ,no arguments which helps… […]"View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "…Amazing grace song in Cherokee Indian."View
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    seasider - "Rained all day here, some of it quite heavy, only around 13-14 deg. supposed to be heavy rain all day tomorrow, hope their wrong . :-( "View
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    Veggiepatch - "Happy N.Y to every1. Been on holiday in remote cottage – no internet or phone signal – bliss, hence why I’ve been away from here for couple wks. Hope u all had lovely Christmas and N.Y. I hope 2016 brings […]"View
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    Hayleyagora - "Hola from the sunny Costa del Sol. ;-) Although, I have to say, I’ve enjoyed the comfort of my puffa coat on a daily basis :good: Off to Granada tomorrow to check out the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada. We […]"View
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    mickyp - "Hi Jane , a quick thank you for the seeds for the kids ,,,, owe you one . [email protected]"View
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