• Victoriam4074 posted an update in the group Group logo of Savvy SaversSavvy Savers 6 years, 4 months ago

    Afternoon, first of all apologies for my abscence, I have been quite ill recently…however, now armed with pre written blogs for this wee group I should at least be able to post something regularly!
    On that note, anyone ever tried making fabric bracelets and head/hair bands from old clothes…they really look quite fab, and you can add beads and stuff…or and old fluffy dressing gown re made as a soft toy? Etc…

    • Hi Victoria, glad your back and absolutely no need for apologies, we knew you weren’t well and, I was more concerned for your health than you not being here. I hope your feeling better and looking forward to reading your blogs.

      I have never made the fabric bracelets, although Kirsty Alsopp made one on her programme and I had a go, it looked really naff but hers looked really cool!

    • Glad you up and running Victoria I havn’t tried them either, but love making stuff, so might have a go