• Victoriam4074 posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago

    Hello guys. Well I have again been ill, and been undergoing far too many tests, medications, and I am facing a hell of a lot including operations, nephrostomy bags, tumours, cysts, disease, damage, and even after all that possibility of dialysis and kidney transplant…And I’m 25 years old, and I’ve never done a thing to harm my body, I have apparently been suffering because of birth defects, and I will be finding out everything on the 27th of this month to see what’s what…not like I don’t already know…
    However I will not be letting this get me down, and I am going to be active with the Savvy Savers group now that I am home :)

    • Hi Victoria :rose: so good to hear you’re home but obviously sorry to hear about your health :yes: Hope just being at home will make you feel better :good: Looking forward to seeing you on the site when possible :yahoo: Jane

    • Keeping positive is the thing :yes: I had heart surgery when 25 due to birth defect so I can appreciate how unfair it all seems… I also have a little boy who’s had more medical tests than I care to remember due to a brain development issue so yeah it’s pants really! :negative: BUT things do usually work out in the end :-) Hope you start to feel better soon and they sort out whatever it is that causing all of these things… Goodluck and take care :rose:

    • Hi Victoria…. you have my very best wish’s ..I hope too, to see you on here…lots of love Sue :rose:

    • Hi Victoria, good to see you back, take care, don’t over do it. Love&hugs xxxx :rose: