• Vistamoraira posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    Totally fed up. Have a large strawberry bed and last week had a bumper harvest with loads of promise for days to come. Today absolutely NOTHING left. ALL ripe and ALL green strawbs taken by mice. Netted so birds or squirrels couldn’t enjoy them but mice have taken every last one of everything. On a good note first lot of raspberries today and at least they tend to leave them alone (famous last words no doubt).

    • Bugga! Bugga! Bugga! (I’ll say it for you). Its the absolute pits when something like that happens – because its not just the crop that goes, its all the dreams and plans that go with it – the anticipation on the faces of family when you serve them up, that recipe you were going to try, the punnet you were taking to the old neighbour. And I’d immediately be wondering how I could stop it happening again next year. Any ideas?

      • that’s answered a question for me. I have a few strawberries in pots that I put in the greenhouse. when I went to the lottie on sunday, about 6 straws, mostly still green, were scattered around the ground near the pot. I did wonder if mice were the culprits. :yahoo: