• Yewbarrow posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    good day folks, lot warmer today sun shining and clouds here and there – think I’ll have a bit of time on the allotment and do a bit of weeding this afternoon – bit of therapy I always say it is – enjoy your weekend folks

    • Hi Jenny … enjoy, and good luck on the lottie :good: :rose:

    • Allan replied 2 weeks ago

      Flowers have taken over my garden,It’s going to be different next year, It’s like a jungle. Veg is on the way back,

      • I think that your flowers are lovely Allan … they sure have got their own back this year :lol: I am warned as when I eventually get the new sunny bed made I intend to mix crops and flowers :confused: I wonder if it will work :lol: :rose:

        • Allan replied 2 weeks ago

          Just had my broad bean seeds off flebay. :rose:

          • :lol: Now, being an ignoramus on crop growing Allan….this strikes me as either early or late to be buying seeds!! When do you plant broad beans , and when will they be ready to crop?

            • Allan replied 2 weeks ago

              Il plant them in March in the conservatory Anne, The bean seeds were packed in 2018 and are labelled,Plant by 2020,They have a good shelf life. :rose:

            • Ah thank you Allan :love: :rose: