• Yewbarrow posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    very wet and windy overnight, sun is trying, can’t believe we have had flood warnings for this area, wouldn’t mind but the “new” flood defence plans have not been published yet following 2015 (and 2012) ain’t life grand – enjoy your day folks, garden will have to dry up a lot before I venture out to tackle the bindweed – it has grown so well this year, do like it when it flowers though – ha ha!

    • know just where you are coming from Jenn – grand daughter grown out of blazer last year, refusing to wear new one because the sleeves are a bit long – and I mean a bit – and the uniforms cost a fortune, Finn will have dried any dampness out by the time he gets home – cruel I know but what can you do

      • They can be contrary little beggars, can’t they Jenny :lol: Drama all over until tomorrow morning :confused: Finn didn’t complain so the hairdryer treatment must have worked :lol: