• Yewbarrow posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    morning all, bit grey and damp here, hope to bring squashes back from plot this afternoon, let them riipen off here at home before the frosts get going. Came back from visit to son and family with a load of apples so a bit more chutney me thinks, could open a shop the amount I have made this year – ha ha, sure it will all get eaten, enjoy your day folks

    • Hallo Jenny …. I must try to fit in an apple tree somewhere!!! :lol: Have a good Sunday :rose:

      • we have a little one but not big enough to give us many apples, son has a very mature cooking apple tree, chutney made yesterday, it rained so didn’t get to the allotment – never mind sun is shining today – enjoy your day Anne

        • Hi Jenny … yes, we had a lovely old one at the Pres, but it’s just a graceful, wooden statue now.
          I’d like a slim one with cooking apples on it :confused: :lol: don’t think it exists :lol: