• Yewbarrow posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    afternoon folks, full of cold so not very active today, going to GC presently to get some john innes 3 to plant some carrot seed in the greenhouse, hopefully an early picking of carrots in Spring. the sun is trying its best after a rather damp morning, spent morning with daughter, took her to her session with her psychiatric nurse, not the best of sessions by all accounts, thinks the woman is trying to line her up to find work – I know she is not ready yet but then these professionals don’t see their clients on a daily basis, am concerned that this added pressure on daughter will do more harm than good, but what do I know, I am only her mother

    • Oh Jenny … how very difficult for you :love: :rose:
      You wrap up and keep warm and drink lots of water, and at least keep yourself as well as possible.
      I wish you bon courage and send virtual hugs :clover: :rose:

    • Hello Jenny. Sorry to hear about your cold. OH caught his up in Arnside and I caught it a week later but it only lasted a day so I hope yours disappears as quickly. Sorry to hear about your daughter also. it must be very worrying for you. Hugs from me too. :rose:

      • thanks both, as you say cilla it is not a long lasting one, sorry your OH had it whilst away, I was with son a week before and they all had had it so think the germs came from them, grandchildren do give you unconditional love but a heck of a lot of germs too – ha ha!

        • Eh well, Am here with three, soon to be four when she comes home from college for the weekend , grandchildren… for the moment am enjoying the love :love: HAGE Jenny … hope you and Cilla have been feeling better today :love: :rose: