• Yewbarrow posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    morning all, from a grey and damp South Lakes, bit of rain last night, hope its enough to water the stuff I planted out on plot, today could be the day when we know if move is ok or not, can’t believe our local authority has had to make such a meal of what would appear to be a fairly simple query, but hey what do I know, on the plus side I have never known my garden to look so great, everything is just bursting into flower and it a joy to behold, does it know I am hoping to take on another one – ha ha – enjoy your day folks

    • Hi Jenny
      It’s saying “Au revoir, and good luck with the next one, ” :good:
      Hope you get it all sorted soon :fingers-crossed: … HAND :rose:

      • doing our best Anne local council can’t seem to answer a simple query which would sort it immediately, do wonder what we pay our taxes for at times – well more often than that actually – ha ha!