• Yewbarrow posted an update 4 weeks ago

    well we’ve got quite a lot sorted since the move, daughter spent day with me and together we cleaned and then unpacked a load of boxes, what a difference that made, instead of dancing around boxes and more boxes we had space – getting there slowly, garden needs huge amount of tlc as its been left for months and months, bit like a jungle and of course its been rain and more rain up here with just the occasional day without, but we will get there, allotment has been a bit neglected and not sure if I am within the required boundaries to be able to keep it, we will see. Hope you are all gardening like mad

    • Hello Jenny :-) glad to hear you’re sorting stuff and have help! We await further updates ;-)

    • Hallo Jenny … sounds positive . Having been left for a month, GGTardis is a bit like a jungle too, but unlike your new space it has been watered by friends so it’s been lovely to come back to and plunge into with renewed vigour :lol:
      Good luck with it all and be happy :good: :love: :rose:

      • cilla replied 4 weeks ago

        Hi Jenny. It is good to hear you are getting sorted out. The next couple of weeks look pretty good weather wise so take a break from those boxes and hace a play in the garden :-)