• Yewbarrow posted an update 5 days, 1 hour ago

    Afternoon each, from a grey and rather chilly south lakes, spent a couple of days trying to remove some grassy sort of thing which has escaped big time from the pond, roots all grown under gravel and membrane, ended up shovelling gravel off, ;lifting membrane and getting most of the roots out, phew, got to tacke getting it out of the pond sometime but son has volunteered to help – tink we are on the home straight with roof, loft boarded and when this is all complete its new bathroom time with walk in shower – enjoy your afternoon folks

    • Onward and upward, Jenny :good: Have a lovely weekend!

    • Hi Jenny. Your grass sounds like the one we planted in a border near the pond and that ran all over the place and had to be completely dug out….is it variegated? It really should be sold with a warning. I think it is Phalaris arundanacea or Gardener’s Garters. All good news on the house front, keep us posted :-)