• Yewbarrow posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    morning everyone, slightly better day today, cloudy, wind is just a gentle breeze instead of the raging gale we had yesterday, going to chance washing out on line, have no idea where summer has gone to this year, its obviously socially distancing, but I don’t mind if it reappears, I can put my mask on it will be fine – enjoy your day folks

    • Hallo Jenny … Nice to have washing on the line…I don’t do that any more, as it means climbing up to the roof and re-erecting the clothes line there, so I dry it indoors.
      Have a lovely day & stay safe :good: :rose:
        • don’t blame you Anne, can’t do climbing either, our new to us garden is flat, we had quite a slope at the other one, so it is almost enjoyable to hang the washing out if you know what I mean, no walking up and down dale so to speak – enjoy your day
            • :good: Exactly Jenny … how goes the garden this year? GGH has been very enjoyable so far :good: :-) :love: :rose:
                • Hi Jenny. Not a bad day here today, plenty of sun. I have a whirlygigline but would love a “proper” one. The only thing I don’t like is hanging out underwear and OH’s socks…it takes forever :lol:
                    • hanv OH’s socks round my wet washing basket to dry and sometimes along the back of the wooden bench in the garden near the washing line, like you pegging out socks is not something I like
                    • Garden is coming to life slowly Anne, it has been a great one, with lots of shrubs and plants but was very overgrown, it is much smaller than the one in our previous house but that’s just great, still have my allotment so I can grow my veg as well – just love it all
                        • It sounds just lovely Jenny…so good to get stuck in and work with it. A Garden develops a sensibility of its own :good: :rose: