• Yewbarrow posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    morning all, bit grey outside and much cooler – thank goodness – yesterday was not at all pleasant, sunshine, sort of, but so humid it was not at all comfortable, however, got all washing done, stuff dried almost as it was hung out, surpriserd really but great, enjoy your day and weekend folks, looks like we are not going to be as back to normal as some would hope but hey if it keeps us safe I don’t mind

    • Yes definitely cooler today :good: must say I even struggled myself yesterday as normally can take the heat, think it’s the humidity that makes it worse, lot fresher today :good:
      As for things was going to be a bit normal :confused: just a shame that those selfish individuals have caused this delay :angry:
      Anyway enjoy your weekend too :-)
      • Hallo Jenny … good luck this weekend :-) … it’s the downside of living in frequented or well-visited areas, but :fingers-crossed: peops will learn :dunno: Have a good weekend and stay safe :rose: