• Yewbarrow posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    morning clickers, rain and more rain again – car gone in for MOT, fingers crossed, took it for a longer run up the M6 yesterday, just bobbing about locally isn’t the best for its workings I understand, but not going much further really at the moment, going to paint the porch later, washed it all down the other day so will crack on later with it, lots of green toms in the greenhouse, would be pleased if some of them would begin to colour, know was late putting them in the greenhouse because we didn’t haveone when they should have been put there, but a bit more sunshine would help I am sure, enjoy your day folks and keep safe or whatever the slogan is

    • cosset their bases with banana skins Jenny :good: :-) :rose:
        • read something about that Anne, someone recommended putting a banana near the plants, they are now producing toms quite readily just need some warmth and sunshine to finish the job – there is always green tomato chutney – ha ha take care