• flowerpotlynn posted an update 44 minutes ago

    Morning all, much needed rain from 6pm last night until about 6am this morning,cloud clearing and the sun is trying to shine :good:
    Found out this morning that I’ve become a great auntie!!!! OH’s niece, Samuel 8weeks early weighing in at 4lb 7oz, mum started with pre-eclampsia, both mum&baby are doing well. He would have been a big baby, she’s…

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  • gertie posted an update 2 hours, 44 minutes ago

    Good morning All
    connections are so slow am in danger of going backwards here! When I can type quicker than the connections I know I’m in trouble, so to avoid going backwards again I’m off, but will leave behind this intriguing pile of sticks that my brother found in the centre garden and saved for me…it has a big nest at the base.
    Hope that you…

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  • Morning clickers :-)Nice bright and breezy weather at the mo. Loads of wanted rain last night :good: Probably more reading than gardening today. Hope you all have a lovely one :-)

  • cilla posted an update 3 hours, 47 minutes ago

    Battery is low so I’m off.

  • cilla posted an update 3 hours, 51 minutes ago

    Morning clickers. Welcome rain overnight and very breezy this morning. Nothing planned as usual but ironing and gardening come to mind ;-) Enjoy your saturday :-) :-)

  • Tubs posted an update 4 hours, 1 minute ago

    Good Morning. Had gentle rain most of yesterday and some overnight and still about now but looks if will be in the 30s next Tue and Wed. My Viburnum × bodnantense is coming into a few flowers which are not due till end of year, Lots of blue tits about after the insects on the Euonymus which is climbing up trellis, it has had so many flowers on…[Read more]

    • Morning Tubs. We had rain too. We have lots of fresh young blue tits, great tits and goldfinches. It could be the weather irritating your eyes and there is lots of pollen this year. I’ve had a dry throat.

      • Yes it is the dryness about and pollen flying about but never seen the Euonymus so full of flowers I really mean loaded ,

        • Euonymus japonicus … yes Tubs, that’s what I have in GGTardis. It is just coming into flower again … tiny little creamy flowers :good: It’s very bright and pretty :good: :nailbiting: :rose:

    • Morning Tubs :-) Lovely having wildlife to watch in the garden! Take care and have a good day :-)

  • gertie posted an update 13 hours, 48 minutes ago

    Nightnight All … will leave you with this little Fennel dimpled with raindrops yesterday :rose:
    • Morning Anee. I didn’t realise you are in la belle France. What a pretty photograph. Have a lovely day there :cool:

    • Hallo Cilla…I hope that your throat feels better today :love:
      Yes, back at the Pres , now that I have cover in GGTardis etc. I do love the Fennel here … it’s so fragrant too :good:
      good luck with recharging …. have a lovely day … laters :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 14 hours, 35 minutes ago

    Good evening Folks :high-five: have been butterfly following [amongst other pursuits] and found, Gate keepers, Cabbage Whites, Meadow Browns and this little critter which I thought at first was a Chequered Wood or Skipper, but am not so sure. :rose:
  • Walt posted an update 15 hours, 17 minutes ago

    Birthday…Brian May :good:

  • That’s the electrics finished. Only need to pay for it all now.
    Estimate for the Gas fire and surround..£2300.
    Central heating refurbishment is about £3000.
    We is leaking money like nothing!

    • You have my sympathies , we found the same, every time we went to B&Q never spent under a £100, mind you its a 40+ mile round trip. It will all be worth and more cost effective :good:

      • Ditto for us too. And last time we went, they loft insulation we wanted was soaking wet so no use to man nor beast. Wasted trip.

    • Interesting to see others estimates I have an old fashion fire and back boiler but as the new plumber said it is a good work horse! Last plumber fixed new fangle toilet thing instead of ballcock which stopped working after a few days, After phone calls he never came back so have a new lad who does my neighbours. Old plumbers Dad had done work for…[Read more]

      • Up to now, with a bow to Hubris, the people who have done work for us have been very good and the jobs up to standard. Small town businesses have to be good in that there are fewer people to mess up and word gets round very quickly about poor service.

  • gertie posted an update 22 hours, 31 minutes ago

    Good day All … sorry to be so late … My lovely ‘puter-man’ has been adjusting stuff on this laptop all morning and I didn’t sign on quickly enough before he started!!
    Have a lovely afternoon whatever you are up to :lol: :rose:
    Anyway, :sun-clouds: hot and heavy here at the Pres … we had rain on/off yesterday, the lazy sort that is fine and…

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  • Hmmm, that is the problem Hayley :lol: :lol: :rose:

  • Tubs posted an update 1 day, 1 hour ago

    I have just discovered how to use my tablet on this site. Never thought to turn it to landscape, We have had rain a bit yesterday and more this morning first time for 6 weeks.Will now have to learn more things eg how to take photos.

  • Morning all, a quick hello before my battery gives up!!!! Shopping this morning and whatever I can find to do this afternoon, as it looks like a lot of rain heading this way from about 12pm if the radar is to be beleived.
    All went well yesterday, was impressed with my BP considering I drove on my own and had to negotiate a six exit 4 lane…[Read more]

    • Morning Lynn :-) good for you on all counts :good: and good luck with the surgery :rose: Have a good day – I’ll have your rain, please ;-)

    • Great news on the health front Lynn, and well done on the excellent navigating. :cool:

    • Thankyou Karen & Jane :good:
      We have had some rain Jane, more later and I think it’s spreading your way.
      Yes I impressed myself Karen, since giving up work just before we moved, I didn’t then have to deal with rush hour driving, then moving to the country I tend to plan around the traffic, it’s surprising how you lose some confidence when you…[Read more]

  • dandlyon posted an update 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Morning clickers, rain at last.

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Morning clickers, just a brief hello as our internet is playing up again this morning so :fingers-crossed: this posts – it a 3rd attempt. :lol: Swim, shop, garden today – in that order. ;-) Have a good day all. :-)

  • cilla posted an update 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Morning clickers. Grey skies here and rain due at some point so not sure about a walk. I may nip to Waitrose for a few bits and a change of supermarket. If it rains Imwill probably do the washing, some h/w and maybe make a bol sauce. There weren’t many at the coffee morning yesterday but plenty of cake so I had a delicious slice of sponge filled…[Read more]

    • Hi Cilla :-) I read that one of the Waitrose shops in Leicestershire is closing – hope it’s not the one you go to and if it is, then you’re not spending enough there ;-) Glad to see you didn’t mention ironing – hope you can get out in the garden :rose:

  • Morning clickers :-) it’s bright and sunny and I’m not convinced we’ll get the much needed rain here on the east coast. I have beets roasting/steaming – been up since 4.30am – far too hot to sleep and already on my second mug of coffee ;-) Don’t feel like it at the mo but must have a skip in a minute. I might thin the cow parsley in the middle of…[Read more]

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 day, 11 hours ago

    Thankyou for your comments.. Enjoyed today with oldest Grandson and hubby to watch the MGA horses world games in Carmarthen.. Had Chinese when got home…

  • Allan posted an update 1 day, 12 hours ago

    I have about half a doz copper hazel trees growing ,Where nuts fell off the tree last year, They will be about a foot high if anyone wants one.

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