• AliCat posted an update 5 minutes ago

    Evening all. Shopping day, not my favourite day but I at least cam back with some compost for potting up strawberry runners and seedlings. Hope everyone is good and well

  • gertie posted an update 2 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Afternoon all … just back from a second long walk today. No, not those lovely countryside walks I had in Montpellier, just along suburban roads, nevertheless decorated with pretty Autumn trees, front gardens and straying , ubiquitous Michaelmas daisies. Found tiny pumpkins at last, back in the Sainsbury shop I had visited yesterday :eyeroll:[Read more]

  • Afternoon clickers :-) well, what a dark and dismal day – no rain, just yucky! Did some work and gathered some leaves, finished a book and am now thinking about my stomach ;-) Hope you all have a nice evening.

  • Jenn posted an update 2 hours, 35 minutes ago

    Afternoon clickers. It’s been a drear old drizzly/rainy day all day today so I have been catching up on a few jobs. Brought a sofa frame I have in from the garage and gave it a good clean. I need to sell it as it is taking up virtually all the room in the garage which I need for wet weather days like today. Popped to Tesco’s and got a couple…

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  • dandlyon posted an update 4 hours ago

    Afternoon clickers, cleared a good sized area this morning ready for the rotovator in the morning. Went to explore more of the ” mini swamp”, but the sky turned as black as an undertakers hat so headed for home
    • This was as far as I could go on my scooter. Didn’t want to leave it as it would have been out of my sight [ what a society we live in ]

    • Anything could be in here, 60 years ago the area was a tip for the local glass works. This altered the brook and the area flooded. What a repair job nature has done

    • The fun we would have had as kids if the area had been like this then All the boys would have been Tarzan, the girls Jane and the youngest would have no choice bet to have been cheetah

    • Looks like a fab spot, Tony and you were right not to leave your scooter!

  • mick1970 posted an update 5 hours, 3 minutes ago

    Good afternoon early finish at work partner in crime under the weather…go back tomorrow …no damage at my bit…was away at my mum’s over the blustery time

  • dixon posted an update 5 hours, 34 minutes ago

    Scary moment. Noticed by neighbours, ( Hazel, who was ninety last week and very active for her age ) curtains were drawn at ten o clock, never known. Tried ringing no answer, very dubiously let myself in as I have a key. Found dear Hazel slumped on the floor next to her bed with obvious symptoms of a stroke. Rang straight for an ambulance, she is…[Read more]

    • Good job you’re about dix

    • Oh Goodness Dix, very scary, but well done you, doesn’t bear thinking about if you hadn’t let yourself in. Good job that man. :good: Hope Hazel makes a good recovery. :rose:

    • Oh Dix, how awful. You were a blummin star though – well done that man, a good neighbour indeed. Sending positive thoughts for Hazel.

    • Well done, Dixon :good:

    • Well done Dixon on being a good neighbour :good: I hope Hazel makes a good recovery. :good:

    • Good on yer, Dix :good: Reckon you deserve a pint for that and I hope Hazel is recovering :good:

      • Good neighbours are like gold, well done you :good: Years ago my dad’s neighbour (age 14)noticed my dad’s dog pacing up and down the lounge windowsill. He let himself in and found dad collapsed next to the bath so ran to other neighbours for help. Sadly he died overnight in hospital but thanks to young David, he wasn’t alone.

        • Her only son who lives away traveled all the way to Scarborough only to find out she had been transferred to york. :excruciating: It was a stroke. Still awaiting more information.

  • Belated ‘Good Morning’, all, very dreich here, am opposite a Dog Walking Area, and am tired of seeing drab coloured Duffle Coats with Hoods, what about a bit of Colour? do we have to blend into the Background? Had to have the Doc again yesterday, can’t be helped, they have to get the right Tablet, right Dose of Tablet, etc, it all takes time,…[Read more]

    • Hi Tina, it does all take time to get right, but it is pretty horrible for you in the meantime. :-( Hope they’ve cracked it this time. :rose: :rose:

    • Hello Tina :-) I hope you enjoyed your chicken nuggets – you need to keep up your strength! Take care and fingers crossed you get sorted with those pills.

  • :good: Quite so Jane :-) Thank you :good: :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 9 hours, 48 minutes ago

    Good morning All :high-five: Awoke earlier to the gentle lapping of raindrops outside the bedroom window, but it’s stopped now….all damp and grey here now in CP.HAGD Folks :rose:

    • Morning Anne :-) been clearing up outside for a bit this morning – no rain since overnight. HAGD :-)

      • Hallo Jane :high-five: Am just back from tiny pumpkin seeking…not very successful unfortunately, but will not give up! The rain started again when it saw me coming out, but I don’t care. The colours of Autumn leaves are just gorgeous :-) Methinks the only garden clearing that I will do today will be chez the Pads :confused: :lol: Bon courage…[Read more]

  • morning each, the sun it shines albeit peely wally but it is quiet the wind has calmed down, spent yesterday afternoon and late morning weeding strawberry patch, the fruit frame sort of reduced the gale a bit just to sort out runners, trim old foliage off and that will do. Enjoy your day folks

  • Jenn posted an update 10 hours, 1 minute ago

    Morning all. It’s a lot quieter out there albeit a bit drizzly which is perfect as I want to finish my book as the new Phillip Pullman book is released tomorrow…sqeeeeeal :lol: No damage after the high winds – I think a beach ball might have gone AWOL but apart from that all is well. MY SIL is having some major building work done and was…[Read more]

  • Morning all, we have rain, earlier than forecast so is set to turn to cloud by about 10am. Off for more knit& natter, oh and cake and coffee :giggle:
    Sowed more seeds yesterday, hollyhock, corncockle, astrantia, sweetpeas, dwarf aster, either saved, given or surreptitiously acquired seeds :giggle: others I have sown are doing well in the…[Read more]

  • dixon posted an update 11 hours, 52 minutes ago

    Morning gang, bought an Amaryllis yesterday, never grown one before………..any advice would be nice. :-) Also some heather, cyclamen and trailing ivy for the Winter basket. Going to auction viewing day today and first day on the estate tomorrow. Have fun clickers. :-)

  • Morning clickers :-) will do a some more work today but also hope to get outside. Heavy rain last night so everything should look a bit less dry outside today. Hope you all have a good one :-)

    • Morning Jane, damp round the edges here as well! I filled up my hedgehog food container yesterday evening and put some out early evening. When I came to put the fox biscuits out I noticed the hedgie food was a lighter colour than normal…..I’d only put the swan and duck food out :-( Luckily it didn’t look as if they’d eaten it so I scooped it all…[Read more]

      • Morning Cilla :-) wonder if the hedgies would’ve noticed ;-) I have something desperately digging and trying to get under my compost bin – I have some metal fencing underneath it. I think it might be the badger after the worms!

        • Ooh, badger. Beautiful but destructive. I was worried there might be somrthing toxic to hedgehogs in that food, they have quite delicate digestion.

          • You wouldn’t want to make the little hogs ill. I know the badger’s around because he digs holes in the ditch to poo in.

            • sure do NT – took over the bottom of our garden a few years back for several years and used it as their latrine and also had a good dig on the lawn – about this time hedgehogs disappeared from our garden think they were worried they’d end up as a badger snack – they uncurl them and eat them from the soft underbelly having claws like iron talons

    • Morning Jane, :-) dry here and should get a bit of sun, shame the nights are drawing in. :-(

  • cilla posted an update 11 hours, 55 minutes ago

    Morning clickers. Overnight rain here. We are meeting friends at Cold Overton GC near Oakham for coffee and lunch but I’m still podged from last night’s steak :lol: The joints are aching this morning after yesterdays hedge clipping activities…..the joys of “maturing” ;-)

  • Imagine how people in ‘olden’ times felt when they didn’t understand what nature was up to!!

  • Morning Karen, feels a bit cool this morning. The mini swamp is just a few yards from our allotments, the small brook runs from an under ground lake and its name reflects the areas past involvement with industry Coalbourne Brook

  • Morning Clickers, very calm this morning and a bit of mist about so hope that will clear quickly. Swim and work today, not the nicest start when Moo came in 15 minutes ago and dropped a dead rat at my feet, YUCK. :bad: :fingers-crossed: the day will improve. :lol: Have a good day all. :-)

    • Good morning petal. :lol: , sorry didn’t mean to laugh but at least the rat was dead ;-) Indeed, the day can only get better. Enjoy that swim. :rose:

    • Morning Karen :-) not a good start at all :excruciating: But the swim will clear any lingering rat memories soon enough! Hope you have a good day – work for me too but I need to sweep some leaves if it’s dry enough later. It rained here overnight – typical after me watering the parsnips yesterday as we hadn’t had rain for ages. HAGD

    • Morning Karen, Cilla & Jane :excruciating: :bad: to the rat!!! Bet you used stronger words than moo :giggle: enjoy your swim :good:
      HALD all :rose: :coffee:

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