• gertie posted an update 5 hours, 31 minutes ago

    Hi Jane :high-five: Hi Karen :high-five:
    I know, I know! :lol: I woke an hour ago with an excruciating pain in my other knee, and couldn’t get back to sleep so I came here to re-look at Allan’s pic of the Gold finches .. Isn’t it brilliant :lol: I hope you both have a good day, and Karen, am sorry that you are greeted by my nuisance pm re blog…[Read more]

    • Sorry to hear about the knee honey, hope it has eased a bit now? No worries re the blog, all sorted and it only took a few seconds. ;-)

    • Sorry to read about your knee, Anne – especially as I have just goggled in amazement at several rather glamorous women over 70 years hauling car tyres among sand dunes, in preparation for a polar expedition. Don’t think either of us will be volunteering – and I hope you manage to dose off for a bit more Zzzzz.

      • :lol: :lol: :lol: Hi Sheila :high-five: don’t think I’ll be joining them any time soon!! … doubt if I’ll re-snooze either…feel quite invigorated after chatting here :good: Are you going to garden and read today or are you off doing more good deeds for your fellow-folks? I do admire you for all that :love: Whatever, have a lovely day :rose:

        • Take care of that knee Anne. I do exercises for mine when it plays up.

          • I was told that I should walk as I always used to Cilla, [ I love walking] but a tiny bit of me worries that I might get another internal bleed, and it was so excruciatingly painful the last time that the thought of more damage bothers me I must admit :bad: oh well, we shall see … I have now discarded all the crutches and walking sticks … can…[Read more]

    • I am not doing good deeds, Anne – I am doing it for myself to keep boredom at bay.

  • Allan posted an update 13 hours, 35 minutes ago

    Night :rose:

  • :lol: Oh ,Thanks Allan…I will do :good: :rose:

  • Shake some teasle heads and get some seed Anne,They are the favourite food of the goldfinch,They are bi annuals hough. :good: :rose:

  • Autumn … Ageing Beautifully.

    Asters, I have always called them Michaelmas Daisies …..

    … followed by Teasels; lots and lots of glorious Teasels …..

    … lined each side of a sunny lane. […]

  • Sorry for a late update on my golfing day. Lady luck was not up to par today, only got nearest the pin and longest drive again with hubby beating my by 1 point to win the game out of 18 players. Next game is Thur but that’s playing for your team. Enjoyed dinner with the group tonight.

    • You may not have won the game yourself Vashte but you obviously enjoyed the playing … great stuff, and well done your OH too…he has stiff opposition with you around :lol: :love: :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 15 hours, 14 minutes ago

    It’s been a reasonable day weather-wise in CP. Did a bit of gardening instead of a walk today. Tied up a currant vine that was wandering along by the garden shed, watered and admired the lovely roses …also taking off the bl**&y’ black-spotted leaves that just won’t go away :bad: :excruciating: We still have beans on the second plant and now the…[Read more]

    • Just ignore the black spot leaves Anne and concentrate on the blooms :-)

      • Yes, I agree Cilla, I could worry myself silly over the spots but it makes no change :confused: The blooms now, well they are coming out again in full force and they are glorious :lol: :rose:

  • Last couple of hours it has been really bad. Howling gale and torrential rain. Seems to have died down now though. Odd, Jemma, the smallest of our cats was sat by the back door step, in the rain. She would not come in though. Strange animule.

    • Ctas are so curious Eric…I love them all, even the unfriendly ***s that come to GG to use the soft earth I’ve prepared for my plants! Anyone would think I’d prepared it just for all the neighbourhood cats! :excruciating: :shout: :lol: :rose:

  • karenp posted an update 17 hours, 57 minutes ago

    Evening all, was quite gusty this morning and cloudy but no rain so far, think forecast rain overnight :dunno:
    Did pop to the allotment this afternoon and picked some runnerbeans and tomatoes and found a cucumber hiding under the foliage ;-) , have frozen the runners now, did pick some tomatoes that are nearly ripe and stored them in the mini…[Read more]

    • Evening Karen. Your produce sounds good. I’m sorry to hear about your op. A friend of ours is having the same, soon. Will you be in long? Big hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery. :love: :rose: :rose: :rose:

      • Thanks Cilla, only in overnight as the operation is in the afternoon, hubby has to take the day off when I come home the next day, the doctors will sign me off for 2 weeks but I might be off a bit longer as i won’t be allowed to drive :confused: , good excuse to read my book though :good:

        • All the best for the op Karen … your ‘meal peops’ will miss you, but we all wish you back to better, very soon. Hugs and xx from me too :love: :walt: :rose: :rose:

    • So sorry to hear about the op Karen, hope it goes as quickly and painlessly as possible. Yip, plenty of reading time for you. :good: Hugs and best wishes from me too honey. :rose: :rose: :clover: :clover: :love:

    • Hi Karen :-) fingers crossed for your op – hope all goes well for you :rose: :rose:

  • cilla posted an update 20 hours, 25 minutes ago

    Afternoon clickers, it is very muggy and windy here. I got out for a walk at 10.30 but called in to a friend who wanted a plant identified. After stopping to stroke a few dogs en route and a sit down in the sunshine by the churchyard I finally arrived home after 12 and suddenly went really tired. OH came back with the new car….he had told me it…[Read more]

    • Hello Cilla :-) Little monkey indeed!! Anyway, hope you enjoy being the passenger in the new one and learn how to shout at the satnav when taken the wrong way ;-) My recovering sunflower has been trying to open today :confused:

      • Hi Jane. Tell that sunflower the birds are desperate for food :lol: My beans and adjacent sunflowers are nearly on the floor now. I must take a photo :lol:

    • Afters Cilla & Jane, hope you get a play in the new car too Cilla? :rose: For I hate those sat navs, tho I know they are useful – occasionally. ;-) But why do you hate coloured cars? It’s been lovely and sunny here but starting to get a wee tad breezy now so I’ve spent an hour in the garden tidying and re-tying up and putting things away, must…[Read more]

      • Afternoon Cilla,Jane and Karen, as Karen says hope you get a chance to play with the new car too, I myself love satnavs, hubby hates them though but he’s a driving instructor and now it’s part of the test to know how to use one, as you can imagine his reaction when this came in :confused:
        I love all the new gadgets in the cars these days his…[Read more]

        • I am happy sticking with my Susie Splash, manual,starts with a key, great petrol consumption and only £20 tax :-)

      • Hi Karen,VV. well I don’t hate all coloured cars but I only like green, white or silver :lol: I shan’t be driving the new car that’s for sure, it is automatic and there is no key :confused: Batten down the hatches, you are due for a bit of rough weather I see. Stay safe :-) :rose: :rose: :rose:

    • New iron is rubbish, cills, it’s like ironing with a brick :lol: Good excuse not to ;-)

  • Hope everyone is not suffering too much from the strong winds. Morning walk was a bit hairy, the trees were really swaying and creaking and it was impossible to hear the traffic coming along the lane.

    • Not been bad here Eric, though it is picking up a bit now, think there is a bit more due tomorrow morning. Stay safe.

  • gertie posted an update 1 day, 2 hours ago

    Good morning from a dull, breezy CP. :rose:

  • Jenn posted an update 1 day, 3 hours ago

    Morning clickers. A gusty, blustery autumn day in store here but quite mild. We’re having a quiet day as OH was busy fixing big problems in work from 5.30 yesterday morning to 2 o’clock last night, so I shall be treating him to a steady supply of tea and chocolate biscuits today. I have to nip out an get a new iron (or maybe I shouldn’t ;-) but…[Read more]

  • cilla posted an update 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Those are the leylandii, not very pretty but a good screen and the birds nest in them.
  • Morning clickers :-) windy here and expecting it to be windier later! Not sure of whole timetable today but will have to factor some h/w in. Hope you’ve all got something interesting on the cards today. Skip and coffee for me next :-)

    • Morning Jane……h/w, oh noooooo :-( :lol: It can’t be easy to skip in the wind but must burn more calories. I shone the torch in the pond when I put the camera out……a froggie face was peeping out of the water :-) Enjoy your day AFTER h/w :rose:

  • cilla posted an update 1 day, 5 hours ago

    Morning clickers. Warm and very windy this morning……weather’s similar too ;-) :lol: OH is off to Melton Mowbray to change his car for a new one, same model. I shall go for a walk after breakfast, the spare tyre is creeping up on the waistline again :-( I still have ironing to do but hopefully I will have a garden potter later. The (noisy)…[Read more]

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day, 5 hours ago

    Morning Clickers, very warm night, tho’ I see it is to turn cold, wet and very windy tomorrow. Ho hum, may have to have a reading day ;-) Pumpkin soup on the agenda later today, swim and a little work first. Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) yesterday afternoon was weirdly warm and windy – so I’ve washed some towels in the hope it’s the same today ;-) Pulled out one courgette plant yesterday! It’s a start. Enjoy your swim and day – pumpkin soup sounds good!

      • Morning Jane, can’t believe how warm it is, but I won’t be putting any washing out tomorrow, it would be in the next Parish. :lol: Well done on the courgette dumping, you might get another one binned today. ;-) Have a good day.

    • Morning petal. Pumpkin soup sounds good. It was 23 and sunny here yesterday. Enjoy that swim. :-)

      • Morning Cilla, after making your courgette soup I now sneak some Worcestershire sauce into it, it’s lovely on a winter’s day. :good: I’m just off out, what are you up to today?

        • There is Worcs sauce in the recipe Karen, do you put extra in? My brother’s ex used to put sherry in any soup that was served :lol:

          • Sorry Cilla, didn’t explain that very well, I meant I was so impressed with your Courgette soup I now sneak Worcs Sauce into my Pumpkin soup as well. :good: Don’t fancy sherry in all soup, but it is delicious in Consommé. ;-)

    • Good morning Karen … pumpkin soup sounds like a good plan :good: :clover: :rose:

  • Beanstew posted an update 1 day, 5 hours ago

    Pulled and cooked all the remaining beetroot yesterday, and made plum jam last night with a gift of very over-ripe plums. Have a full day of volunteer training at Ayr hospital today to prepare for volunteering locally in the NHS, so won’t be around for long today. I’m going to try Delia’s beetroot and shallot pickle and some other combinations…[Read more]

    • Morning Sheila, I’m sure the training will go well, I would think it must be stuff you are already well versed in? You are going to end up one very busy lady! And you’ve reminded me – must check the last of the beetroot. :good: Enjoy your day. :-)

      • Morning Bean. As Karen says, you probably know most of it but it will be interesting meeting different people. My friend up the road visits a couple of people eachnweek and she loves it, she was a district nurse. Your beetroot and shallot pickle sounds rather delightful. My second lot of beets are golfball size so I am still using them in salads.…[Read more]

      • Have come to the conclusion I shouldn’t have retired – because I hate an aimless day when I haven’t got a purpose – it probably means I am not adjusting well to growing old. But certainly never foresaw this part of my life. Suppose I should be grateful I’m not hankering after younger men!

    • Morning Sheila :-) I cooked some beets yesterday too – we have ours with lunch – salad and sarnie. Have a great day meeting new people.

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