• How lovely are these pics and messages? :love:

  • Hayley posted an update 13 minutes ago

    Good evening all :-) I’ve been to Great Dixter a few times recently and tomorrow I will be visiting again. Loads of colour still everywhere and in my garden too, keep dead heading. :good:
  • Evening all, well the wind has died down a tad, but a yellow warning for the rest of the week!! We picked 3 trays of pears on Monday, we now have most rest on the lawn and path, with just a few hardy ones hanging on the tree, collected in more honey yesterday another 30lb,but poor OH got stung 4 times, one other the bees got inside his suit and…[Read more]

    • Oh Lynn how awful for Ken :excruciating: … Hope he’s better PDQ … sending virtual hugs …better the realones from you :good: ;-) :rose:

      • Evening Anne, he’s looking and feeling much better swelling & redness is reducing :good:
        Wind is increasing :confused: and we’ve had some rain.
        Loved your most recent walk blog, felt it was graciously written and photographed. We are having a lovely late summer early autumn. :rose:

  • Afternoon clickers :-) nearly lost a g/h roof piece but fortunately I saw it in time – it hadn’t come completely loose – and fortunately OH could sort it! Keep safe, all :fingers-crossed:

  • Hummmmm, may have spoken a smidge too soon, Foyle Bridge closed and just heard part of the M1 is closed due to a fallen tree. Just been out to rescue a couple of large pots and it is definitely a tad breezy. ;-) Stay safe all. :-)

  • karenp posted an update 11 hours, 35 minutes ago

    Morning all, bit breezy out there for us in the south , for all of you further up the country and across the water stay safe and don’t get blown away :love: :rose: :-)

  • Off to get a coffee – lovely to see you all this morning – have a good day :-)

  • He sprays his crop, as you would expect, Anne, but doesn’t cut the wild stuff near my house nor his huge trees on his side of the ditch alongside my garden, for which I’m grateful.

  • Morning Clickers, bit of a breeze now, but nothing too serious yet so hopefully the forecasters are over egging it again. ;-) Pool is closed for a gala this morning and it is tipping down so might have to do the ironing. :confused: How bad can things get. :disappointed: :lol: Have a good day all. :-)

  • Lovely walk, Anne :-) Teasels are magnificent! The farmer’s field has always had a couple on the edge since I first planted one in my garden ;-)

  • Morning clickers :-) very breezy again already – hope you’ll all be safe today :-) Planted my winter lettuce seedlings in an empty tomato bed in the g/h yesterday – pleased with them. Will do the other leaves today, I think – pak choi, rocket, mizuna and such like. Determined not to have to buy leaves over the winter. My neighbours’ greengages are…[Read more]

    • Morning Jane.,I must plant some more leaves too. Bought rocket is always so tough :-( Greengages are yummy, you will enjoy those :-) You will have to go on slug patrol with your torch. I found two snails…..would you believe they eat the tough leaves of a sedum? They didn’t get a flying lesson last night, I put them in the compost heap to get…[Read more]

      • Oh Cilla!!won’t they lay eggs into the compost and grow babies to eat your seedlings when you next put out the compost around the garden?? :excruciating: :rose:

      • Morning Cilla :-) they’d be welcome to my sedum as it never stands up straight ;-) Must water all the pots this morning after that wind yesterday and more today. Does nothing for my hair either :lol: Is Maureen B still surviving?

    • Morning Jane, well done on the “leaf” sowing, you’ve encouraged me to do the same – might find some room shortly. :good: And wowser on the greengages, imagine not wanting them! :mad: Bummer on the PSB though. :disappointed: Have a lovely sowing day. :good:

      • Morning Karen :-) they gladly took my spare courgettes (and there were many) but they don’t seem to like fruit – something unbelievable that! Yep, get the winter salad in :good:

    • good morning Jane :high-five: Sorry to hear about your Purple Sprouting,what a pity :disappointed: You have inspired me however and now the clearing and re-vamping of the cold frame is a MUST. I want to try Winter leaves for salads myself…never done it before
      wish me luck :lol: :rose: and HAGrD :love: xx

    • Bugga that slug! Got no respect for that solitary seedling, doesn’t appreciate that it has struggled onwards when fellow seedlings have faltered and died – hope the d*mned slug choked on it.
      Think your neighbour with the unwanted greengages must be mad – but it will enable you to eat them in various recipes every day after the courgette lasagne.…[Read more]

      • Morning Sheila :-) my language was at least the same as yours! Never had greengages before moving here and very nice they are, too. Three or four huge trees on the lane, in the sunniest spot, just waiting for me… Hope yesterday went well for you.

        • you lucky, lucky gal …. mmm greengages :love: :love:

        • Could I entreat you to pick a large quantity and donate them to the nearest foodbank or lunch club? We are all struggling at the moment with increased demand and smaller donations – and a couple of foodbanks up here have closed because they have no food to give out. But anybody eating the stuff we give out must long for some fresh food. I’ve…[Read more]

          • When you first started at the FB, Sheila, I looked for where they are in Lincs and I’ve just checked again. Unfortunately they’re miles away from me. The lunch club idea is good – I’ll ask at the shop.

  • Rich and busy indeed Anne, a lovely blog. :good:

  • Sorry for a late update on my golfing day. Lady luck was not up to par today, only got nearest the pin and longest drive again with hubby beating my by 1 point to win the game out of 18 players. Next game is Thur but that’s playing for your team. Enjoyed dinner with the group tonight.

    • You may not have won the game yourself Vashte but you obviously enjoyed the playing … great stuff, and well done your OH too…he has stiff opposition with you around :lol: :love: :rose:

  • karenp posted an update 1 day, 1 hour ago

    Evening all, was quite gusty this morning and cloudy but no rain so far, think forecast rain overnight :dunno:
    Did pop to the allotment this afternoon and picked some runnerbeans and tomatoes and found a cucumber hiding under the foliage ;-) , have frozen the runners now, did pick some tomatoes that are nearly ripe and stored them in the mini…[Read more]

    • Evening Karen. Your produce sounds good. I’m sorry to hear about your op. A friend of ours is having the same, soon. Will you be in long? Big hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery. :love: :rose: :rose: :rose:

      • karenp replied 1 day ago

        Thanks Cilla, only in overnight as the operation is in the afternoon, hubby has to take the day off when I come home the next day, the doctors will sign me off for 2 weeks but I might be off a bit longer as i won’t be allowed to drive :confused: , good excuse to read my book though :good:

        • All the best for the op Karen … your ‘meal peops’ will miss you, but we all wish you back to better, very soon. Hugs and xx from me too :love: :walt: :rose: :rose:

    • So sorry to hear about the op Karen, hope it goes as quickly and painlessly as possible. Yip, plenty of reading time for you. :good: Hugs and best wishes from me too honey. :rose: :rose: :clover: :clover: :love:

    • Hi Karen :-) fingers crossed for your op – hope all goes well for you :rose: :rose:

  • Morning clickers :-) windy here and expecting it to be windier later! Not sure of whole timetable today but will have to factor some h/w in. Hope you’ve all got something interesting on the cards today. Skip and coffee for me next :-)

    • Morning Jane……h/w, oh noooooo :-( :lol: It can’t be easy to skip in the wind but must burn more calories. I shone the torch in the pond when I put the camera out……a froggie face was peeping out of the water :-) Enjoy your day AFTER h/w :rose:

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day, 13 hours ago

    Morning Clickers, very warm night, tho’ I see it is to turn cold, wet and very windy tomorrow. Ho hum, may have to have a reading day ;-) Pumpkin soup on the agenda later today, swim and a little work first. Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) yesterday afternoon was weirdly warm and windy – so I’ve washed some towels in the hope it’s the same today ;-) Pulled out one courgette plant yesterday! It’s a start. Enjoy your swim and day – pumpkin soup sounds good!

      • Morning Jane, can’t believe how warm it is, but I won’t be putting any washing out tomorrow, it would be in the next Parish. :lol: Well done on the courgette dumping, you might get another one binned today. ;-) Have a good day.

    • Morning petal. Pumpkin soup sounds good. It was 23 and sunny here yesterday. Enjoy that swim. :-)

      • Morning Cilla, after making your courgette soup I now sneak some Worcestershire sauce into it, it’s lovely on a winter’s day. :good: I’m just off out, what are you up to today?

        • There is Worcs sauce in the recipe Karen, do you put extra in? My brother’s ex used to put sherry in any soup that was served :lol:

          • Sorry Cilla, didn’t explain that very well, I meant I was so impressed with your Courgette soup I now sneak Worcs Sauce into my Pumpkin soup as well. :good: Don’t fancy sherry in all soup, but it is delicious in Consommé. ;-)

    • Good morning Karen … pumpkin soup sounds like a good plan :good: :clover: :rose:

  • Goldfish posted an update 2 days ago

    Good evening my dearest friends, it was dark at 7:50 tonight, Where is the summer gone? O well, life goes on in the way of my golf. Got my one a month golf comp tomorrow and team comp on Thur with a friendly on Friday. Badminton Wed night and Sat.Think I need a holiday :lol: :lol:

  • A lovey walk Anne, with so much colour. You must be very quick with your camera to catch the dragon flies&butterfly’s.
    I have noted the amount of berries on the bushes around us, they are loaded, the birds […]

  • Evening all, been a busy few days, catching up with fruit picking, deadheading of flowers, watering and a never ending supply of dirty washing after out holiday in Scotland via Liverpool. It was a lovely break, with very different scenery and having a cottage on a bay, watching the different sea birds and the tides rise and ebb. I’m now trying…[Read more]

    • gertie replied 2 days ago

      Ooch …. hope that you haven’t lost anything vital in the garden Lynn? you did say that a neighbour would cover the essentials … did she? … Anyway, welcome home xx :rose:

      • Evening Anne,no nothing lost, the tomatoes in the greenhouse are almost finished, but the ones in the garden are still going :good: and I have very small beans at least :lol:
        Almost caught up with the washing, just the ironing to do!! Very mild today and this evening, back in my shorts and t-shirt :good: :rose:

        • It’s been mild here too .. a beautiful Autumn day :-) The beans in GG have been lovely so far this year, even tho’ I put them in very late :-) Win-win :lol: :rose:

    • Morning Lynn :-) wondered where you were – glad you had a nice break! morning Anne :-)

      • Hi Jane :high-five: :rose:

      • Morning Jane, thankyou for wondering where I was :rose: you probably think I’m being paranoid, we don’t have any next door neighbours as such, who would see anything odd going on,but at the moment the two houses that are closest are not lived in, one is for sale the other is being refurbed before they move in, so had no one to keep an eye on the…[Read more]

        • Hi Lynn :-) very sensible of you, re your break :good: We all need reminding really – even those of us who don’t do FB! Very warm here and mega windy too. I bought a duvet from John Lewis that has poppers to join the winter and summer bits – the summer one is too hot in the summer and so the winter one has been in the wardrobe for about 6 years…[Read more]

  • Lovely set of Photos Anne, with gorgeous Autumn colours. :good: Hope the knees are “holding up” ok for your return to walking? :rose:

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