• Thanks Walt, always gave me a laugh. ;-)

  • Morning all, A bright day after a light frost, we’ve had a few sunny days recently, Saturday being one of them, I managed 3 hrs in the garden, which was brilliant, mowed up the leaves and took the topic the grass, dug up the rest of my dahlia’s, all safe and snug in the shed. Just the fruit bed to sort out. We have a little owl paying us a visit,…[Read more]

    • HAGD Lynn… I think it sounds like a … ‘Keep calm and carry on’ sort of day! … it is here! Downstair’s gas leak … EEK! … has resulted in workmen making horrid noises and bashing up plants on the edge of my garden walls so far. If the gas pipe goes through the garden I dread to think what will happen next! :bad: :love: :rose:

    • Morning Lynn, blimey you have been a busy girl! :good: As for today’s work, positive vibes, positive vibes, positive vibes, positive vibes, positive vibes….. :clover: :rose: ;-)

  • Morning clickers :-) grocery delivery today and then tidying up so I have a tidy-ish house when I get back on Saturday night. Yesterday was lovely weather so I hope it’s like that today. Hope you all have a good day :-)

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    Morning clickers, Walt has very kindly offered to run the Festive music requests this year, so get those thinking caps on, we’ve already started. The Blog is “Festive Music Requests” on the front page or top right under Garden Clickers News here on the Clicks page. Have fun.

  • Morning Walt my choice this morning is Frank Kelly’s version of the 12 days of Christmas, for a bit of fun & to remind us that going overboard is not good. :lol:

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    :good: A great choice and a great version. Thank you Walt.

  • Thank you Walt :good: Always loved Elton. What about a choice from you?

  • Just to get the ball rolling Walt my first request is for Elton John’s Step into Christmas please Mr Music man. :-)

  • Afternoon gardeners…What a traumatic week. Poor Poppydog had to have some teeth out and she is 13 half. We know about last Monday and she had them out on Thursday, they were twisted in her jaw and it was worse than they thought..Anyway she came home on Friday and seems to be picking up each day..Thank goodness. They did tell us in August but…[Read more]

    • Oh Sue! poor Poppy :-( and poor you, I bet you have been in bits. :rose: I hope she recovers very quickly, goodness they are a worry, especially as they get older. Kiss on the nose for Pops, 😘 and hugs for you too honey. :love:

    • OMG, Sue, poor Poppydog and we all know how much she means to all your family :love: Glad she’s eating and she’s bound to be enjoying the pampering! Hope she continues to improve enough to enjoy treats at you know when :fairysaysouch:

  • Wow, a heron has just flown over across the field!!! Massive wing span!

  • Morning clickers :-) no idea about the weather yet but I can’t hear rain :good: Not sure what’s on the cards yet but busy sorting stuff, I expect. Have a good day everyone :-)

    • Morning Jane…..no knitting, yeah :lol: Wow indeed on the heron, they have a strange cry too. When OH was washing my car yesterday he spotted a bee on the winter honeysuckle loaded with pollen :good: Enjoy your day, not long now :-)

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    Good Morning Clickers, looks a tad damp out though it’s hard to tell just yet. ;-) Clean and sparkly front rooms after yesterday and one tree up – after much messing about. :lol: So decorating will commence later. Off to the pool this morning and then a little work to sort, so that will keep me out of mischief. Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) sounds like a job well done yesterday and you’ll enjoy decorating the :fairysaysouch: later :good: Hope the work isn’t too onerous – enjoy your swim and have a great day :-)

      • Morning Jane, think there might be a :drink: to help the decorating along. :lol: Have a good day yourself. :rose:

        • Morning Karen and Jane. I like the sound of sparkling rooms, that’s the cleaning done for another year then ;-) Enjoy your swim and tree decorating.. :-)

    • I’m enjoying all your Christmas trees vicariously, because I haven’t bothered. The parents of the wee one have got theirs up and decorated in a very adult manner, all silver and white and sparkly, and the wee one is not very interested. Think he needs to be involved in making not very good paper chains for an unevenly decorated tree to feel the…[Read more]

      • VegVamp replied 1 day ago

        Afters Sheila, mine will be a glorious colour mess of old decorations from both our parents, things given to us by friends and Andy’s kids when they were little, chocolates so that all callers get one when leaving the house and it will be full of memories. My SiL will give off again that is not “chic” enough and I don’t care. :lol: :lol:

  • dandlyon posted an update 1 day, 16 hours ago

    Fittings are not expensive and easy to join together
  • dandlyon posted an update 1 day, 16 hours ago

    What a wet week end, plot looks like a rice field. Times not been wasted as I want to add more out lets to my water system and save moving hoses around
  • Morning clickers :-) The moment of truth – me in the cardi! It’s sunny – as you can see by the bit of shadow from the photographer. Didn’t she do well? :lol: Have a lovely Sunday everyone :-)
    • Wow Jane you look stunning…so does the cardi :good: Bravo it suits you ma’am :rose:

    • Thank you, Anne :-)

    • Wowser, I love it and OH loves it too :-) :love: Well done, you can now get back to normal :-)

    • Thank you both, Cilla and OH :-) Normal (whatever that means) here I come :lol:

    • Oh my word, that is gorgeous Jane, well done you, :good: and I love the colours. :rose:

    • Hello Karen and thank you! It’s my first and last, I can assure you and it only looks like a cardi thanks to knitters on the internet who are so generous with their know-how and advice – and this includes knitters who also garden :good:

    • Great job Jane, looks fab, not sure I ever wore the first thing I knitted, a few have ended up in the charity bag over the years!!!

    • Hi Lynn and thank you :-) It’s very thick – I don’t think I can wear it indoors ;-)

    • OOOOO WOOOOW…FANTASIC job Jane.. I am on the last bit of the second sleave of my jumper…nowhere near as lovely as that…Well done and what are you knitting next? I really enjoy it, I would have been lost without this week, its so relaxing x

    • Hello Sue :-) Thank you – I’ll never forget you started me on this :lol: I’m not sure I’m going to do a big garment again – but YouTube is a fantastic help! – but I promised OH some mittens and bought the wool and right sized needles, so… Good luck with finishing your jumper. Of course, I expect to see you modelling it :good:

    • If we get another beast from the east,you might :-) possibly even to bed :lol:

    • Well done to you too Sue, for your knitting :good: I’m trying to get to grips with socks!!!! I’ve managed the toe ok, but the heel, I could end up wearing odd socks that look the same :giggle:

  • VegVamp posted an update 2 days, 6 hours ago

    Morning Clickers, much better day and the hooligans seem to have naffed orf somewhere else so that’s :good: Need to sort the sitting room and then get the tree shoe-horned in today. Coffee first and then breakfast, so a gentle morning. Have a good day all. :-)

  • VegVamp posted an update 3 days, 6 hours ago

    A brief hello and goodbye this morning – quick breakfast and then we are off on a tree hunt, the :fairysaysouch: one. Have a good day all. :-)

  • Morning clickers :-) howling winds throughout the night and not much sleep. Haven’t quite finished the cardi but it’s nearly done – hopefully I’ll have more time today. One sleeve in, one to go, side seams to join and then buttons. Have a good day all – I expect some of you are doing :haveyoubeengood?: shopping ;-)

    • Good morning Jane. Pretty much ditto here with winds and not much sleep. Goodness, we’ve got to wait another day for cardi photos, it’s not good enough ;-) Happy stitching for today :-)

    • It was pretty windy here too, but by taking pain killers before I went to sleep, I managed to sleep until 5.45am, which was a great improvement on the last few days. Like Cilla, I am waiting impatiently for THE photograph – most surprised not to have seen it on the national news yet….

  • Yewbarrow posted an update 4 days, 5 hours ago

    well, rain all day yesterday and in the night, fields have water laying on them, could we have some sun and a bit of wind to dry things up please – enjoy your day wherever you are, big supermarket shop for me today, at least we only do it about every 7 weeks so its all over and then a rest for a while – have fun whatever you are doing folks

    • Morning Jenny, it’s the same here, water lying everywhere. :-( We are both on the dreaded shopping duty today, I’m just off out to do mine. Enjoy your day – after the shopping. ;-)

  • VegVamp posted an update 4 days, 6 hours ago

    Morning Clickers, off for a hair cut this morning and then the dreaded shopping. :-( New mattress arrived yesterday, delivered by two lovely young men who carefully wiped their boots before bringing it in, carefully manoeuvred it upstairs, took the plastic off and put it onto the base. :good: Was very grateful they did as it is a ton weight!…[Read more]

    • Morning again petal. wowser, you’ve certainly got the bit between your teeth, good on you gal :lol: I hope the new mattress is comfortable, not the easiest thing to buy. The delivery men sound perfect, no way you could shift the thing ;-) Happy goddessing :-)

    • glad you had help witht e matress VV – one time I was turning our king size one (as you do) and got trapped between the matress and base – fortunately someone heard my shouts to get me out – would have made interesting reading in the papers I think, women squashed by matress

      • Oh Jenny! :lol: :lol: :lol: shouldn’t laugh, but your comment re the paper reporting did make me chuckle. This is a memory foam one and it is about twice the weight of our old one. :confused:

      • Gordon Bennett Jenny :shout: what a good job that you weren’t home alone with only the malevolent mattress for company!!! :lol:

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