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    Really? Many happy returns, Len @charlie13 :beer:

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    @charlie13 Ah, have got back in …. having all sorts of odd difficulties on site this evening Len ,,,,, in answer to your question, yes, I grow runner beans and just hope that I haven’t left it too late this year. Nightnight,

    • you will be fine. i have have only just put mine in. french beans and peas as well. weather nice now so they soon will catch up. :good:

    • Oh good, thanks Len :good: I’ll get onto it asap. HALWeekend :rose:

      • hi anne. hope you have been out in the garden, but did see there was rain down there. still dry here but hoping for rain here to save me watering.

        • :lol: :good: Have been out in the rainy garden much of the day Len. Our lovely downstairs neighbours weeded where the birdseed is growing on the path around Blue Hill, then the little girl sat and chatted with me under the flowering Arbour, which is covered with sweet-smelling Clematis. This afternoon I put down a sack of bark chips I had onto…[Read more]

          • evening anne. you were a busy bee. weekend flew by here. dont know where time goes. had martin and sophia up on sunday. they had a shocking journey up on the trains. took 6 1/2 hours to get up here. getting to be a regular problem. i am away in newcastle this coming weekend so better get some gardening done first. :fingers-crossed:

    • Hallo Len … just found this message :confused: site’s gone funny again!
      Anyway, let’s hope that a HS? will sort out the trains soon. It’s lovely to have family visiting :good:
      Hope you enjoy Newcastle … best fish & chips ever there :-) … Have a good week until then :rose:

      • morning anne. coudnt find a good chippy last time i was there. must have looked in the wrong place.. just taken my car in for mot and service. keeping my fingers crossed it isnt too expensive. a lot cooler this morning, will need a jumper on if i go to the lottie later. hope all is ok at your end and you arnt working too hard.

        • :lol: working hard? Moi?!! No, am being very … what did Jenn call it? … ‘louche’ Len ;-)
          Have a good time at the Lottie.
          I t was many years since we went to Newcastle but I will never forget the fisn’n’chips we had :lol:

          • i will let you know if i found a good one when i get back. going friday morning till sunday, it is for a rugby league tournament, you might know. :lol:

            • :lol: I would never have guessed Len :lol: Have a great weekend :good: :rose:

            • thanks anne. hope so. not a good day, car went in for a service and mot. it failed. needs plenty of work. :bad: wont now get it back till tomorrow. dare not ask for the bill. :angry:

            • Ouch :-( … good luck with that Len :good: Hope the Lottie was better for you :rose: HAGE

            • will just have to put on a brave face and pay. :good:

            • Have you got back your car now Len?

            • Len replied 10 months ago

              evening anne. yes got it back. they had to keep it a second day. failed it’s mot first time. needed a fair bit of work, but ok now. trying to get back to normal after the tiring weekend in newcastle. had trouble getting back sunday night. trains were a nightmare, but that is another story. hope all is ok at your end.

          • All is happy here Len. My friends from Switzerland are back home safe and sound. Our eldest Granddaughter, whom we collected from the airport last week from her first ‘leg’ of her Gap year in S.Africa [there’s another story! :-) ] is now enjoying a week in Marrakech!! and I am getting to grips … literally phew!… with GG! Dom is sorting out…[Read more]

            • Len replied 10 months ago

              evening anne. it is all happening at your end then. funny you say about blackies. there were 2 fighting like mad in our garden yesterday. it was so bad one of them had lost a lot of its feathers. i had to part them.

            • Good heavens Len :shout: did you literally part them ‘hands-on’ or just make a noise and flap!?

            • Len replied 10 months ago

              i more or less had to go right up to them and clap my hands to make the aggressive one leave the other one alone. he only flew to the nearest bush and was waiting to start hostilities again. not sure if it kicked of again as i had to leave.

            • Golly! :shout:
              Have you seen them again today? :rose:
              We have a Blackbird nest in the bush I have been gradually cutting down :bad: Have had to cease hostilities on said bush for the time being :excruciating:

            • Len replied 10 months ago

              no not seen them today. rained from early morning till the middle of the afternoon, so that might have kept them quiet. i have been out tonight at the rugby, so if they have been at it again i missed it. we usually have a pair that nest in the hedge, so it could be something to do with that. territory related.

            • Yip … almost certainly territory related … aren’t birds incredible :shout: On which note … good night Len :rose:

            • Love watching the birds down at the lottie. a robin comes to the feeder on a regular basis. he loves suit. trouble is the magpies and pigeons eat most of it. :bad:

            • Good morning Len :high-five: Many of the birds in GG go for the dried meal worms :good: The baby Starling was shouting at it’s parent for them a few days ago!

            • morning anne. very busy here. got sophia for the week. was at the coast yesterday and going to a working farm to see the animals today. hope you havnt had those thunder storms which the south has suffered.

            • We had two a few nights ago Len … they were amazing :walt: :dance: watered the garden something smashing too :lol: We live halfway up/down a hill, so don’t suffer the flooding that some have had. Used to love taking my children and my school classes to working farms … Have a lovely time :good: :rose:

            • peace at last anne. they have just gone home. need a week to recover now and put the house straight. lol.

            • Yes, but it was worth it wasn’t it Len :lol: HALA :good: :rose:

            • must admit it was nice to see her. seems to have grown and get more cheeky every time she comes. :good: more housework to do now, but then must catch up in the garden and lottie. the grass and weeds have gone mad in the last week. :bad:

            • Tell me about it Len! :lol: Since supposedly taking it easy, I am getting so behind with everything in house and garden, that to worry about it has become counter-productive … so I won’t :lol:

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    @charlie13 Hi Len, I see you there :high-five:
    Hope you’ve had a good day :good: and a good evening :good: :rose:

    • Len replied 11 months ago

      evening anne. yes thanks. been to a cup match at oldham today. it was special as martin brought sophia up for her first ever game of rugby. fraser, my youngest son is the hull kr mascot (rufus the robin). she led the team out along with rufus. i was very proud. :good:

      • Oh that’s smashing Len :-) What a lovely day … so glad it all went so well :good: Nightnight :rose:

        • Len replied 11 months ago

          thanks anne. :good:

          • Len replied 11 months ago

            how is your garden looking now anne.

            • It’s really waking up Len. I have put some pics in my Garden Diary for late April, yesterday,and you can see the colours. Tonight, when we came back from hospital I spotted deep purple Tulips out now :good: very luscious.
              HAGE :good: :rose:

            • evening anne. tulips are beau tiful at the moment. i have some of those purple ones. wallflowers are out in full now as well :high-five:

            • the latest Tulips look like one called ‘Ronaldo’ :good: :-)

            • we had a lot of rain yesterday anne. another deluge and strong winds on monday. not good for the flowers. they will get battered. :bad:

            • Hallo Len, sorry I missed you yesterday. It’s calm here at present and am not looking forward to more strong wind … I dislike that more than anything else :bad: it’s cold here too, well indoors anyway … I have put the heater on in my Den again!
              This morning the birds have been busy around the feeders. A pair , most definitely a pair, of Great…[Read more]

            • evening anne. we have been lucky today. missed the rain, but as you said very windy and cool. hopefully things picking up from tomorrow. ive been down to the lottie. nothing seems to be moving very quickly at the mo. certainly every thing will be late this year. it’s lovely to see the birds flitting about. there is a blackbird here at home that…[Read more]

          • Yes … I don’t know how they keep it up :shout: Surely they must wear themselves out very quickly :lol:
            It’s bloomin’ freezing here! Glad someone has better somewhere. I am sure that the plants will pick up again … mostly they seem remarkably adaptable and resilient :good: HAGE Len :rose:

            • evening anne. bit better weather today. i saw the first swallow of the summer here . you might get them earlier down south. it’s strange how they know not to come till the weather turns.

            • Hi Len :high-five: I haven’t seen Swallows around here yet, tho’ did see them in Portugal last month :-)
              I think the weather will go on being unsettled for a while yet … makes keeping warm in the home rather hit&miss :lol: :rose: Did a bit of tidying in GG after a neighbour knocked unexpectedly and gave me a large pot of healthy rose cuttings…[Read more]

            • morning anne. that was nice of them. you were right about the weather. wet and windy here again this morning, but due to get better again from tomorrow. have a nice day.

            • :good: You too Len :rose:

            • been a glorious weekend anne. i spent mearly 8 hours at the allotment today. bet i feel stiff in the morning. hope you have had a nice time.

            • Hi Len :high-five: Hasn’t it just!! :lol:
              I spent some hours in GG pruning, sweeping, tidying and chatting with the little girl downstairs who likes to wander in my garden …it’s so different to her’s. :lol: Dom is sorting out his shed :good: Thankfully I did mine last year all ready for seed sowing and planting that never happened yet what with…[Read more]

            • one more lovely warm day. unfortunately it is house work and shopping. not good. i didnt know you had a heart attack. take care and dont do too much.

            • Sorry Len, I thought you must have picked it up when Dom put a post on whilst I was in Hospital having an Angioplasty and three stents :excruciating: I have slowed down, and am being monitored for BP and kidney functions …. so far so good thanks Len. :good:
              I sure do have some house work to catch up on though … so well done you on a pro…[Read more]

            • no i’m sorry anne, i had no idea. you must take it easy then. no rushing about and over exerting. weather has changed here tonight. just a little light rain. supposed to be more tomorrow evening. i have managed to get another 2 rows of peas in tonight. covered them up to stop the pigeons having a good feed. pleased you have had a good day. :good:

            • good morning Len …. well done on the peas planting … you are way ahead of me this year :lol:
              am looking forward to a little light rain … showers between sunshine and warmth would be ideal :lol: HAND :rose:

            • the rain didn’t come last night here. promised again tonight but will have to wait and see. spent too much time watering this afternoon. do you grow some veg in your garden ?

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    @charlie13 Hi len :high-five: Had a good day? :rose:

    • yes thanks. i managed to get down to the lottie this afternoon. it was cold but bright, so i managed to get a few jobs done. need to work off some of that rich food from the holiday period. :lol:

      • teehee :giggle: … don’t we all!! :excruciating: It’s given me a taste for more sweet things :bad:
        I admire your garden-dedication though. Apart from topping up the composter, and gazing sadly at the teddy bear, still attached to the van outside the garden fence, I have spent the day indoors. Now there is a beautiful sickle moon out…[Read more]

  • gertie posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    @charlie13 Is it getting any better up your way Len? :rose:

    • good morning. we were luccky here. could have been worse. had a really bad day monday, never stopped raining. fine few days now, so things should dry up a bit. i need to get out and collect some more leaves to bag up and take to the lottie. have just bought some autumn rasp canes so need to get them them in asap. think i will leave it another…[Read more]

      • Good morning Len :high-five:
        Glad to hear it’s getting better for you.
        We have had rain but nothing like yours. Plus we live halfway up/down a hill so as long as the drains keep working underground [they broke once and even our front garden room was flooded!] we are okay thank you :good: :rose:
        HALD :rose:

  • NorthernTeacher posted an update 3 years ago

    @charlie13 Hello Len :-) hope you’re keeping well!

    • Len replied 3 years ago

      not too bad thanks. had problems, but hopefully things are ok now. hows things with you ?

      • Hi Len. Just off for a shower as I was sowing a bit today. Off to daughters for dinner, so I had better spruce myself up a bit. Xx

      • Hi Len :-) glad to hear things are improving for you :good: we’re fine – just wish the ground would dry up a bit. Never mind, it’s spring and it can only get better :-)

        • Len replied 3 years ago

          ive just been down to the lottie now. looks a sorry state at the mo. managed a little digging earlier in the week before the bad weather came. i’m itching to get going now. suppose we all are. :good:

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    @charlie13 The fair is just setting up Len………brandy snap on Wed. :yahoo:

  • SIMON replied to the topic manure in the forum Gardening Questions 5 years, 4 months ago

    Your welcome Len.
    The only time i would be concerned is if i could see they were vine weevil lava ,but even then i would just expose them and let the birds have a feast. :good:

  • VegVamp posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    Well done Len! :yahoo: @Charlie13

    • :good: thanks Karen. had a photo on the old site, but my son’s girlfriend put it on. that is too much for me. lol.

      • You got your info up, so well done. :good: There are links to some help guides at the bottom of each page. Under FAQs & How To Guides, have a look some time and if you need any help please just ask. :yes: I’m one of the site Admins, so if you want me to put an avatar on for you just send me a Private message, or contact me via the Contact us page here.…[Read more]