• cilla posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Evening clickers. What a [email protected]@p day. It all should have been so simple. Take both cars for MOT at 9. Bus home, collect later £29 for MOT each, possibly a little more for mine to tighten up the handbrake…..not to be. I got in Susie Splash and turned on, dead as a dodo :-( Called insurers, RAC came within 90 minutes, tested battery, zilch. New battery nearly £100! Took Susie for MOT which she passed but they managed to add another £35 on plus MOT for doing handbrake. I shan’t be going there again after all these years and seriously thinking of giving up my car and jumping off a bridge :-( Apart from that it has been a wonderful day, not. I hope you all fared better. :-)

    • Goodness – not a good day for you then! What did OH do to your car when cleaning it yesterday? ;-) Hope you’ve got something nice for dinner :rose:

    • Oops :-( Hope you have a better evening Cilla. Prices are up all over. Pound and Euro more-or-less at parity and stuff is really expensive over here now :-(
      Chicken curry sounds nice … would that I could I share ;-)
      HABE :love: :rose:

    • As my old dad used to say when I complained about car repairs, That is the joys of motoring son, which didn`t go down too well.

    • You sound like you need a :drink: cills – I have used up my lifetime’s worth of navvie swearwords on our heap of crap but what would we do without them (apart from be a lot richer). Time to look for another garage if you feel ripped off – vote with your feet. I hope the evening is better. Enjoy your curry – beef ragu al fornu for us which sounds better than spag bol-type pasta bake :lol: My son doesn’t like spag bol but loves this even if I use all the exact same ingredients but pasta spirals instead of spaghetti, grate some cheese over in and melt it in the oven for 5 mins. Completely different dinner :lol: :lol: :lol: