• cilla posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning all. We enjoyed our morning at Minsmere but it was blowing several hooligans and that means that the wildlife stays hunkered down in reedbeds and the like so we didn’t spot much. However we did seem4 Marsh Harriers, stonechats and some waders which I will have to identify. I was hoping to see otters, bittern and bearded tits so we will revisit for a couple of hours before going home on saturday. We went to Aldeburgh in the afternoon and the local for a meal last night. Today, sunnier and calm, we are visiting Southwold after going to The Walled Garden nursery which we heard overheard some people talking about ;-)

    • Oooo, sounds good, Cilla – let’s hope it was worth the earwigging :lol: Brilliant on the birds you saw – I’m sure you forgive the otters! Have a fab day – weather supposed to be good :good: