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    Evening all. Called at The Range en route to Calke for OH to buy some bits for the boys. We had a nice, if windy, walk but, for some reason, I was shattered by the time we reached the cafe and it is only 2 miles. We shared a bacon bap and sausage bap along with a cuppa. Then to Staunton Harold where there is a GC. a Gardener’s Bothy selling lots of unusual crafted goods and a courtyard of shops and galleries. We popped into the bread shop and bought a slice of xmas cake for OH and a Millionaire’s shortbread for me. Cup of tea and half an Eccles cake in the GC and a look round the sparkly things ;-) We came home and had another cuppa with half of our cakes… absolutely piggy was that? :lol: No idea what we will have for dinner, an apple probably. It is getting colder now and snow forecast for the morning :-( I hope Jane isn’t too uncomfortable @Northernteacher. Forgot to say we stopped at a nature reserve on the way home and walked another one and a half miles!
    • The nature reserve

    • Hundreds of silver birches at the reserve.

    • It used to be a colliery, hence the rail tracks.

    • Calke Abbey sheep taking it easy.

    • zzzzzzzzz!!!!!

    • I know that they are called Silver Birch because of their bark, but their autumnal leaves are like droplets of gold :rose:

    • Love the sunshine thro’ the trees :good:

    • long horns?

    • great pic :good:

    • They have kept their leaves as well.

    • Hebrideans Anne. Apparently they grazed the limestone grasslands so well that 5000 orchids grew!

    • Wow :-) :rose:

    • Well you would when they are gold ! :rose:

    • Hello Cilla :-) glad to hear you had a walk even it meant lots of cake ;-) I haven’t been outside. We have steps front and back of the house and I don’t want to risk it. Sitting and standing has got slightly better throughout the day – helped by some simple yoga, I think. Never knew lifting a loo seat could be so difficult :silly: OH did the shopping with a list this morning – thank goodness as who knows what tomorrow’s weather will bring? Love the sheep :good:

    • Hi Jane. Good to see you, I’ve been worried about you. Lying on the floor on your stomach, arms by your side relaxes your spine and also cupping your chin elbows on the floor (still on your stomach) is also helpful. Did you see my yesterday’s pics? Glad OH did the shopping. I shan’t be driving if it snows, OH will have to take me :lol: Sounds like rain outside. I hope you keep improving. :rose: :rose: :rose:

    • Really glad that Jane is very slightly better, and may benefit even more from the exercises that you are suggesting, Cilla – but the only word I can apply to you Cilla, is incorrigible. Whenever a harmless bit of ground, just sitting there minding its own business, comes along – you HAVE to walk across it. No bit of ground is safe from your attentions, and the only defence that the poor harmless soil has is to slowly wear away your boots…..

    • :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Will give those a go, Cilla, thanks :-)