• cilla posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Afternoon all. I went for a brisk 2 mile road walk after breakfast. Drove to the library to collect my book. Came home and did the ironing. Finished my Peter James book and now ready to start Angela Marson. I went to the greenhouse and wiped the condensation off the windows. Next door had had the patio power washed and a load of gunk had slid under our fence so I washed and brushed that away, can’t say much as she is my cat feeder ;-) Sorted out the spare room cupboard and threw some stuff out. Prepped veg for roasting and just looked at webcams….very interesting. It is still horrible and grey :-(
    • Miss Naughty, the hedgehog box destroyer and greedy fox.

    • I recognise Miss Naughty because she has this really thick brush.

    • Baby Fox (baby no more) is recognised by her bent brush.

    • Prior to this still photo there was a lot of clicking sounds, like a horses hooves, and these two raced across the garden after each other at breakneck speed.

    • Not a bit scared!

    • Definitely not a baby!

    • Playing, I suppose?

    • Hello Cilla :-) finished my book today, too but I’ve got 2 others on the go (non-fiction) if I need a quick reading fix ;-) Haven’t skipped today but will give it a go tomorrow if it’s dry outside. Will have to go for a walk this weekend, I think!

    • Hello Jane. A barn owl gliding through the early morning mist would be good ;-) . The house programme is on tonight and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces which we like. What is cooking tonight? :-)

    • Morning Cilla :-) thanks for the reminder about the house prog. What we watched last night was rubbish or I was just impatient ;-) We started two new progs, Kiri and Next of Kin and turned them off. Dinner was good and is becoming a favourite: baked salmon with a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, Dijon, black pepper and parsley, with mashed sweet potato creamed with creme fraiche. Very light and only 12 mins in the oven :good:

    • Morning Jane. We turned Kiri off too. I fell asleep in the house programme :lol: That salmon sounds good, I wonder is a wee bit of ginger would go with it as well.

    • Mmmm, yes, why not?