• cilla posted an update 6 months ago

    Evening all. Did a quip trip to Sainsburys. Back for coffee and made a veggie bol. sauce for tomorrow. 3 of my little Italian kiddies came to bring me a tiny leggo hedgehog they had made so they came in and chatted for England :-) I showed them the foxes on the webcam and gave them a biscuit each. After lunch OH went to pick up the boys from school and I had a lovely hour and a half in the garden as it brightened up. I hard pruned my rosa chinensis *mutabilis* and silver leaved buddleja and cleaned out the birdbaths. Came in and made a chicken casserole and just looked at the webcam. I had put one of the cameras facing the hole in the gate where the cats can come and go……..and a strange tabby cat did come as well as naughty fox exiting through it :lol: Just having a sit before dinner and the quiz! HAGE.

    • Hello Cilla :-) a tiny lego hedgehog sounds wonderful :lol: Sounds like you’ve had a good day – love the fox! You’re offline now so I can only assume you’re revising your general knowledge for the quiz :lol: Enjoy your evening :drink:

      • Evening Jane. I, along with my team mates, will probably be the first team to score NIL points…… :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • :lol: Surely not ;-) You can always try a few plant names in Latin for the most difficult questions regardless of what they are :silly:

          • He he. I am not a happy bunny, I just went to thicken up my casserole and discovered I had turned the top oven on and not the bottom oven :-( I now have two well cooked plates and a cold uncooked casserole! I just found two cottage pies in the freezer which are defrosting in the microwave. That beats your microwave porridge :lol:

          • :lol: Have fun Cilla :good: :rose: