• cilla posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Good morning all. I had a lovely sunny walk with bestie yesterday followed by a meal at our favourite pub…..small fish and chips to leave room for brandy snap basket filled with honeycomb ice cream and hot chocolate sauce……yummeeeee :-) we had a laugh about how the talk used to be about “sex, drugs and rock n roll” and now it is about all our ailments and who’died!!! ;-) Wet outside but it is supposed to be drying up, brrrrr as well. Nothing planned for today,OH has man flu :-(

    • Morning Cilla, a day to make yourself scarce if OH has manflu!!!!!
      Shame your catch up wasn’t today, sounds like a perfect pick me up, especially with the lovely sounding lunch. HAGE :rose:

      • Hi Cills…..mmmm I am hungry reading this…Pleased you had a lovely day :rose:

        • Hi Susie, :high-five: my appetite is returning, and I don’t want it to, as I lost around a stone over the past few months :mad: HALD :rose:

          • I am caught between sincere sorrow that you have not felt really well for weeks, and a sneaking envy for the weight loss. But I’m sure you would rather feel well.

            • Haha! :lol: Sheila … at least a silver lining ;-) but yes, not one to be recommended … and worry not, am feeling much better and hope to sail thro’ the last week of antibiotics after this steroid, in much better spirits :fingers-crossed: thanks :love: :rose:

    • Great pity your meeting with Bestie is not today. Lunch out and THAT PUDDING would have been even better, if you were missing the miseries of manflu while you chatted. If I were you, I’d sneak back for another pudding on the pretext that you might have left your gloves there , and have a long lunch.