• cilla posted an update 5 months ago

    Afternoon clickers. Ironed, washed floors, washed my Craghopper jacket and reproofed it. Drove to the library. Called at the hardware shop for “proper” light bulbs and he has nearly sold out and can’t get any more :-( ….I don’t like eco bulbs. Feeling tired and a bit off today so just sat and read after lunch. OH is back on duty with the kids. New thriller starts tonight on BBC2, I hope it is good. Shetland is back tomorrow :-) HAGE

    • Hello Cilla :-) quite a busy day for you then! It’s not nice that you feel under the weather though. Yes, Shetland – it’s good to have an old favourite back :good: I ordered 2 Angela Marsons books yesterday – can’t remember which though. I must keep something back for the trip to Oxford next month. I’ve topped up 5 of the raised beds and they’re looking good. Also cut down the rasps today :good:

      • Hello Jane. Have you had the sunshine too? Good to get in the garden. I have no inclination to sow anything yet, though, I’m sure I shall as soon as it gets warmer. I seem to have quite a few books at the moment…..I do like to have a store of them ;-)

        • It’s been glorious all day, Cilla, though I see rain is forecast for tomorrow. I’ll sow some tomatoes at the end of the week just so I can try the grow-light that OH made me. It’s too early for stuff yet. I’ll probably multisow radish and beets in modules the last week in Feb.

          • i didn’t have any luck with multi sowing so shan’t do that again.

    • Hope you feel better soon Cilla :love: … HAGE :rose:

    • Hope you feel better soon Cilla, a be kind to yourself few days :good: too many bugs flying around at the moment. Off to the nursery tomorrow, have my suit of armour at the ready, although quite a few of them will be Of as it’s half term. Take care :rose:

      • Ooh Lynn … wrap up warm and hope the armour suiting wards off the bugs!! You there all day? :bad: :rose: