• cilla posted an update 5 months ago

    Afternoon clickers….aka Jane :-) . OH has new anti biotics given by very new doctor with very old doctor sitting in the background ;-) . I went up to a GC and bought my seeds and then called in to Waitrose for tomatoes…..big mistake as I came out with a lot more :lol: Prawn sandwiches for lunch followed by a nice read. I then got dragged out to Bradgate for a repeat of saturday’s walk in the rain……but at least it showed me that I had successfully re-proofed my coat after washing it yesterday. Looking forward to Shetland tonight probably preceeded by Sunday’s Endeavour. HAGE all :-)

    • Afternoon Cilla :-) didn’t know you had a Waitrose! How I wish ours was closer! Hope the new tablets work for OH :fingers-crossed: Did you enjoy Collateral? We’re watching it tonight. Enjoyed Endeavour, as ever.

      • Hi Jane. We did enjoy Collateral. Our Waitrose is not a big one and I rarely go as it is more expensive. But I got some reduced bargains :good:

        • It’s a nasty old bug cilla not had it myself plenty I know have.fresh air is a good meds