• cilla posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning clickers. How lovely to look out on blue sky with fluffy white clouds :-) We walked for 5 miles yesterday morning but I was really tired so had a few zzzzzz’s in the conservatory after lunch. OH planted a sambucus ‘Black Lace” in the front garden. I went in the g/h and sowed sunflowers, californian poppies and nicandra. Pricked out echiums, cosmos and white corncockes and finally planted Hayley’s dark leaved honesty in the garden. A quick trip to Loughbro this morning, ironing and, hopefully, gardening. HAGD all :bad:

    • Morning Cilla, blimey, 5 miles, well done you, not surprised you needed a snoozette. ;-) And garden time as well. :dance: :dance: Ooooh, I think Black Lace is the Sambucus that I have, it does really well here. :good: Forget about the ironing, just go straight to the garden. ;-)

      • I’m with Karen on the ironing, I have washing on(sorry Karen) but that is about as far as my housework goddess bit is going today :giggle:

    • Morning Cilla, love the sound of your seed sowing, some different flowers :good: :-) enjoy your day, so good to see it getting lighter and the blue sky, is such a mood lifter :rose:

    • Morning Cilla :-) sambucus ‘Black Lace” looks gorgeous – it’s an elder though and that would put me off ;-) 5 miles is brilliant – hope you have a lovely day today – forget the ironing :-)

      • Morning Jane. It doesn’t rampage like common elders and you can keep it pruned. I suppose you are working again today? I hope you get a break too. :-)

      • I have sambucus “Black Lace” in the front and back garden too, Cilla – and every year I hack the one in the front back unmercifully – they grow at least 2.5ft a year – but I expect you know that. I dare you to leave the ironing board in the cupboard before you go outside……

        • Morning Bean.,Unfortunately the ironing board is not in a cupboard and will no doubt jump out and grab me if I attempt to sidle past it into the garden :lol:

          • Thank Gawd I have an ironing table lacking initiative and even lazier than me.

          • Really Cilla, scared of an ironing board. tsk, tsk, I thought you were made of sterner stuff. :lol: :lol: