• cilla posted an update 4 months ago

    Afternoon clickers. I went for a brisk 3 mile walk after breakfast on my own and then went to buy some bits. Called at our local nursery to look for courgette plants, zilch :-( As I passed the perennials, THREE jumped in to my arms :lol: Monards “squaw”, Gaillardia and Helianthemum. It was very hot in the conservatory so we took our lunch to the summerhouse and, lo and behold, a nearby gardener decided to cut the hedge with the noisiest cutter you have ever heard :angry: I gave up and went inside where I made two rhubarb and ginger crumbles and a strawberry and blueberry crumble and ratatouille. By the time I had washed up it was 3.30 so sat and was going to do a blog but you will all be too busy watering and enjoying the sunshine to read it. I looked at last night’s webcam instead and………foxling appeared, yeah. :-) I have called her Freya but when she grows I shan’t be able to tell her from Mrs Fox who also has a white tip to her tail. She is Baby Fox’s baby who has a bent tail :lol: I hope you all had a good day. I may do my gardening after dinner as it is boiling out there and the conservatory is 42 degrees!!!

    • Sure was Cilla :lol: Have cleared a lot of the bush …just got to dig out the roots now :confused: It will be such a bright, sunny growing space :good:

      • Hi Cills and Anne…soooo hot here too, but I could still eat a crumble :good:

        • Crumble sounds good and always ice cream to go with it to cool it down too ;-)